Update on corgi studios

Hello broskis! Today I will be addressing some changes that might happen to corgi studios.

No, the person saying I was banned was not fake, I was banned for 7 days. Some changes will happen.


  • Pvz: Brainz vs Sun will be privated.
  • I’ll be more careful on what I make.
    -All games with semi-copyrighted material will be taken down by me.
    (This means no more JJBA references in corgi train!)
  • I will be working on a new game.
  • PS: as you can see I was finally accepted into the devforum.


  • Corgi studios is most likely going to be abandoned. (We’ll try not to!)
  • I will try my hardest to not abandon corgi studios but at this point nobody
  • speaks in it so its kind of useless, like nobody plays the games that are
    broadcasted, the group is useless now. We are disbanding.

~Stick. (Head of development for corgi studios.)