Updated avatar rig has incompatible meshes for elbows/knees


So I exported a Rig from Roblox to bring it in Blender and I noticed something weird as soon as I curved the elbow, the joint isn’t blending anymore. At first I thought it was a wrong export, I checked all my Motor6Ds to make sure everything was fine, but I always had the doubt it was weirdly short. Suddenly, I clicked, I pressed Play Solo in studio and yea, my character had those short joints. Now I thought it was the place I was in, maybe it was broken for some reason…

Nah it still did it online in other places.

Even in a very public game like Mining Simulator!

Well that’s about it :smile:

Roblox Enhanced Avatar Scaling Options

Doesn’t look updated to me


Think this is intentional:



Hopefully this isn’t fully intentional because it looks quite awkward. Animating this is non sense… The joint isn’t placed at the elbow where it should be, should be a quarter more to the back and the inverse for the knee. Even if the joint is placed properly, now the arms are super short when bent.

Even with the rig Sorcus provided, there’s still those massive gaps:



After further investigation, found a couple more interesting things.

I imported a past rig from a couple weeks ago, worked like a charm! Those joints are right. They’ve been made for this exact rig for this exact purpose.

More past rig images

Clearly the joint below is made for a Robloxian precisely of this height and shape.

However changing things that already work like a charm is… the way to go?

This is apparently the new rig every Robloxian has now by default, every game. I made it half transparent to understand the mesh shapes behind it. Notice anything? This is the normal Robloxian height.


The round shapes used to smooth the bending, well they’re are squashed. What does that mean? They are made to be, surprisingly, much taller. I did a rough approximation to find out: here’s how you should look.


Don’t believe me? Look at those nicely bending joints:

What’s my conclusion? The R15 you’re used to see is a thing of the past. Anthro Robloxians are going to be the norm. If you don’t use anthro, you’re characters are going to be wrong!

Take it as you wish, I find it sad to push away the normal Robloxian in favor of anthro.


Here’s a comparison between the old R15, the new R15, and the new R15 with anthro proportions:

This is disappointing. The 1.0 limb meshes should be generated during runtime to fit the scale of the character instead of being scaled messily, which results in uneven bevels and smooth elbows/knees.


Did they not say anthro would be completely optional? This sort of defeats the purpose of anthro being optional and feels more they’re trying to passively aggressively push us into using anthro because anything that isn’t anthro looks absolutely hideous.



I’m just going to use a script to force all characters to use the old mesh in my games. Maybe in the future I’ll use anthro, but right now it’s just kinda cutting up shirts/pants at the joints in odd ways and making joints look lumpy.