[UPDATED] [FEEDBACK] Portal Legends

I’ve recently made a game and now it’s public to play. I haven’t spent any robux on ads or sponsorships and I was wondering what I should do from here. Thus, I’ve taken to the forum to ask for feedback!

I would like your opinions in terms of balancing the game, in-game content, etc.

Please let me know if you do encounter any bugs or errors, and any feedback you may have!


After taking valuable suggestions and feedback, I’ve updated the game with the following improvements:

  • Pet handler optimization + Better algorithm
  • Shop price balance changes + weapon balance changes + damage formula change
  • Better mobile support (Larger NPCs + easier to attack)
  • Added Item Drops which can be used for crafting which isn’t complete yet
  • A use for gems! (Gem trader)
  • UI position rearrangements
  • NPC balance changes
  • Player Level + Health Balance changes
  • Major Bug Fixes + Script Optimizations

I’d like to know if there are any other things wrong with the game so I’ve updated this thread hoping to receive even more feedback to help me improve. Thank you for your feedback so far!


The first thing I’ll say is that regardless of this game being rushed I could definitely see it being really fun, that is, only on PC.

This game isn’t compatible with mobile. Tapping does nothing while I try to kill this cube. The settings GUI also occupies the space meant for the mobile jump button.

Other than that I would suggest using less free models but this game is still fun.

Hope to see it become popular!

I advise not using free models, but overall the game has huge potential.

10/10, honestly. Maybe in the future though make sure It’s mobile compatible. And advertise it and sponsor it!

The only free assets that were used were simple shapes (squares, circles that can be stretched, hexagons, parts) and images (the icons). Other assets that were used were ROBLOX UGC hats from characters. We’ve made use of these free models since they were simple shapes and I didn’t find the need to remake them. You may have noticed but the mountains also used the rock models except recolored. Tree leaves were also using the rock models and spikes. Lastly smaller assets such as grass and mushrooms were used (again I don’t believe they needed a remake).

Another thing is you’re suppose to tab the MB1 button on the bottom right to attack (notice how the button only appears on mobile) but I think I’ll change it to screen tapping since people are confused.

Thanks for your feedback.

EDIT: I’ll make sure to move the buttons higher to avoid overlapping with the jump action button.

EDIT 2: Could you tell me what other free models you found? I’m interested to take a look.

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I understand now. The problem I have now is actually landing a hit on the slimes. You don’t have to do this as this is just my opinion, but you could add a larger hitbox to make it easier on mobile devices.

I haven’t found any others but I don’t think free models are as big of a problem than actual functionality.

Ah you said free models in your first post so that concerned me. I definitely will increase the slime hitbox as well as other AI as well as make it so that you can just tap the screen to attack since it seems like that’s the issue for mobile players. I wish to make the game support multiple platforms.

Again thanks for your feedback


@DJCreeper_167 I’ve taken your suggestions into consideration and made major changes! Thanks for your feedback. If you have time please do test the game again.

@Disparrel You’ve also stated to use less free models, could you let me know what free models you found in game? I’d be interested to look into it as well.