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Oh, it sounds nice. The cord sounds a bit weird at the beginning, but you get used to it. I don’t know if it sounds weird to others, but it might just be that I play a instrument and that cord is usually not used.


You have a real instrument its probably because i use studio not real life instruments like you do and i get what your saying.


Yeah, but sounds great! Keep up the good work!

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Will do thanks for the feedback.


Updated Added Some More Music,


Hello :slight_smile:

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Thanks For The Support PieRicky :wink:

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No problem

PowerUp Studio is hiring an animator, a rigger and a modeler!

[Updated] Added The Collab Beat Us And Fgz Beats Did Check It Out :point_up:


Would you be able to make other types of music? For example adventure or cartoon?


I’ll see maybe i can :+1:


If you can get an example of an adventure beat, then ill for sure hire you.


Alright i’ll see what i can do soon.


[Updated] Added The Other Collab Beat Us And Fgz Beats Did


[Updated] Added More Beats


[Updated] Added More Beats We Did Wanna See More Subscribe To Are Channel JZ Beats For Daily Music…


[Updated] Added Are AudioMack Profile And Posted More Music On Youtube.


I have a few questions for you:

  1. Are these tracks made of loops (i.e. chord and drum loops) or are they entirely original from the ground up?
  2. What DAW (software) do you use to create your pieces?

Studio one and i make everything you see in my tracks no loops

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