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Updates to be added soon:

-Half-Off Weekend(s)
-Christmas Pricing
-Build Pricings

To be the first to see these updates, please check out my twitter! https://twitter.com/KxraDrawsRBLX
Also I’m still looking for long-term work!


Amazing artist



Newly Updated!


To anyone looking for an artist, I definitely recommend kira. She is my favorite Roblox artist by far, I love her cartoony style, and she has a good personality all together.


Make sure to check out my twitter for examples of all available work! https://twitter.com/KxraDrawsRBLX
I also regularly hold sales on my twitter so it’s best to keep an eye out on there! :eyes:

Also I’m still looking for a team to work with!


Some really amazing work. one question is how long does each one take? A rough time frame would be appreciated.


It could take up to two-three weeks for bigger commissions but I give myself that time frame for all commissions to give myself time to put out better quality stuff!


@KxraDraws creates amazing work and even when times are low somehow they still drive to improve things for not only themselves but the wider industry.


Ordered a few pieces from her. Will definitely get more in the future. The quality of work is great!