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Hey there! I am a user in need of a builder that is willing to make a big talk show! I currently have a version, but I am in need of a new version!

Current build

You can see our current show here: https://www.roblox.com/games/5612549248/The-Breaker-Show
For reference, models, or anything, contact me!


My timezone is EST, and Im on most of the day. My hours on Monday through Friday are around 3:10 pm to 9:30 pm. On the weekends, my times are around 12 pm to 10:30 pm.

About The Build

About The Job
I am looking for a professional builder to help me and the group to make a high quality talk show! The interior must be complete! A list of all that is needed is below:
Waiting area with a door that enters into stage.
Inside the waiting area, have a bar with some seats and tables.
An upstairs with a diner (food not needed)
A gift shop
A bathroom
At least 70 chairs in the stage.
The stage is a circular design (dm for reference)
A nice stage with a couch and a single chair for the guests.
A nice desk with a comfy chair for the host.
A nice outside area for the spawn.

A photo area (A camera with a greenscreen)
3 dressing rooms (One for the host, and 2 for the guests)
A technician room similar to the one we have, but not a duplicate.


You will be given a full tour of the current build of the game. If you ever need a look at something in the game to get a reference, feel free to dm me! We also need a high detail game, and not a low poly! I prefer if you could make comfy recliners as well. The show colors are Light blue and White.


Our game needs to be done by at least the 5th of November. Why this deadline? It lines up perfectly with our Halloween update series!


Payment is in Robux through group funds or shirts. We can talk about payments depending on the work. I will give you an amount when you start the build. Although this is a big build, I need a builder willing to take a small amount.


Got any questions? Contact me! Sencit#0982

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