Updated my build I made a while ago. Feedback appreciated

Hi DevForum! I’m back with some screenshots and I’m simply excited to show them! I spent quite a while on this and I think it’s looking pretty neat.

Feedback is always appreciated, I’d love to hear what fellow users think of this!



I think this looks great!

I really dig the old-school computer vibes from the 3rd picture.

One thing I notice off the bat, It appears, you aren’t Using Future, I recommend trying it, and setting it to give it more of a dark grungy aesthetic perhaps?

As for critiques on the models themselves, I think it looks pretty good, except maybe the doors, I feel they’re rather simple compared to everything else around them, but beyond that, it looks amazing!


ooh this looks really good, its well made.
But u need to give the entrance/door section (shown in 1st picture) more detail/ depth coz it looks simple and flat while everything else is detailed with textures.
Anyways, I like this build! :v:t5:


Thank you! I’m fairly sure I’m using the future lighting, though I’ll have to double-check. And yes, I do agree the doors are flat and boring. I’ll try adding some details to them!

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Thank you! Will definitely improve the doors!

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Amazing work!

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, I suggest filling up the empty space of the hallways with something. For example, if you are trying to go for the abandoned, less-maintained vibe, then you can try dangling wires from the ceiling that are torn and sparky. Even if you’re going for a well-maintained vibe, you can still have some dangling wires just to show the complexity of the facility.

Something like this, although nothing is truly dangling, this is the best I could find online:

Speaking of wires, what I’ve seen in my experiences with such facilities is underground wires that can be seen with glass. You can have a bundle of wires running down each hallway while covering that with glass for them to be visible. This gives not only a nice transparent touch, but also it varies the floor a bit from the repetitive titling going on right now.

Again, depending on your intended vibe, you can either brighten up the place immensely or leave it as it is. If you are going for the underground wires thing, then you should probably try more lights just to enhance the glass a bit.

But, this is a very well start. Keep it up!

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Thank you very much! I’ll definitely try doing some of the things you mentioned. Thanks again!

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Oh wow, looks great! It looks like a secret underground laboratory.

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Future helps a lot with lighting.

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It really looks incredible!

Personally I dislike that some areas are lighter than others (I’m OCD lol), but it is actually like really good.

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Yoooo those are awesome, there are some amazing details!

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Thank you! I tried getting is as perfect as I could, as I have a bit of OCD myself.

Thank you! This is still a work-in-progress, too!