[UPDATED] New Education Platform - Studio+

See replies to this thread for updates!

The Code Kingdoms team has been hard at work developing a new education platform for Roblox Studio. Early access for Studio+ has now launched!

Our platform is live here: https://studioplus.io/en

You, the developers, are best placed to give us the feedback we need to take this platform to the next level. We’d be very grateful if you could let us know your thoughts at this stage. Please let us know on this thread. Alternatively if you’re a member of the dev forum we have set up a discussion channel here.


Roblox gives users the tools to ‘Make Anything’ and we want to help give as many people as possible the opportunity to do just that. Through our courses, we want to bring about a new wave of Roblox developers armed with all the skills and techniques needed to bring their imaginations to life. That is our goal for CK Studio+.

We have built a curriculum spanning four different branches; Programming, Visual Design, Game Design and Game Production. We plan to launch this summer with 25 detailed courses covering all four of these branches. Post-launch, we have over 60 further courses planned.

The CK Studio+ plugin is at the core of our platform, supporting users in all of our courses. Some of its key features include (Expand for gifs):

  1. Progress step detection for code and studio actions

    https://gfycat.com/PleasedPowerlessCentipede https://gfycat.com/accuratedefenselesshorseshoecrab

  2. Parsing and linting code to point out common mistakes


  3. The option to skip a step, and see the plugin complete it for you


  4. Hints to help guide users through tricky steps


  5. Users can load courses directly from our plugin in Studio


  6. For advanced users, a code test system allowing them to evaluate their code in a sandboxed environment


Our courses are roughly grouped into three categories:

  1. Courses based on games: The user is tasked with adding some new functionality to an almost complete game. This means they have something fun to play at the end of every course!
  2. Courses based on concepts: A deep dive into a specific topic spread over several courses, allowing the user to master it from scratch!
  3. Courses featuring developers: New concepts are explained using case studies from real Roblox games, and interviews with top developers.

Our courses come in two formats, written guides for those who want to follow at their own pace and videos targeted at those who want further guidance. All of our courses are designed by our team of game designers, developers and education specialists based in London, UK.


Code Kingdoms is one of Roblox’s education partners. We have been teaching new developers to build games online for over 5 years and within the past few years have shifted to Roblox.

I learnt to code on Roblox myself, and have been developing games on the platform for over 10 years. I joined Code Kingdoms because they shared my view that Roblox presents the greatest opportunity in history to teach unprecedented numbers of people essential digital skills for the future.

Roblox has a strong history of user generated content, and we want Studio+ to be the path for ambitious players to become successful developers. We believe there is so much more that can be done to increase the quantity of great games available on Roblox, and giving more people than ever the guidance they need to get started is the first step.


How can I get involved?

We have been fortunate enough to have top developers engage in a few of our content initiatives that we think add real educational value to our users. If any of the below sounds interesting to you, we’d love to hear from you:

  • We’re currently producing a freely available podcast featuring developers and their stories to get more people interested in developing games on Roblox
  • Some developers have completed short interviews with us to explain concepts they have particular insight on
  • We are also hiring Roblox builders and animators, to help us produce animated sequences for our video courses

Where can I find out more?

If you’re a member of the dev forum we’ve set up a discussion channel here.


The team has been working very hard on this for quite a while now. I’m personally super excited to be able to finally show off CK Studio+ to everyone, and start to get feedback. Please let us know what you think! Your thoughts are invaluable to helping us achieve the goal of teaching the next generation of Roblox creators how to make awesome games.


I think you have the visual style down but I already seen two guides and the content leaves much to be desired, there simply isn’t anything thorough. I would probably encourage more audio and/or videos for the guides next to more detailed articles.

I think one site you should look to as a good example of a proper course site is Pluralsight, where each video builds off one another. Maybe make “Full Course” video/article series on how to make something in particular.

A lot of beginners are not going to be able to easily piece together a game from content that isn’t rounded and made to fit a particular game which makes it easier to match the pattern to for them, and understand why and how to apply what they are doing.


Thanks for checking the platform out - all feedback is useful to us!

Would you mind letting me know which courses you checked out? We have quite a range varying from the very basics Starter Programming, to some intermediate concepts like Monetization: Developer Products. I completely agree that we can go more advanced - but this is still very early days for the platform. We have over 60 future courses planned, and I’m really excited to tackle some of the more advanced stuff.

It’s true that most of our courses are standalone, but we do have a few that follow on from each other. For examples, I recommend you check out the series of courses where you build a castle, starting at Starting to Model or the series where you build an in-game store starting at Interfaces.

You make a very good point that this kind of content can be very engaging, and that’s something we’re actively looking into doing more of. Specifically, we’re exploring courses where users can put everything they’ve learnt to make their own projects.

This is still very early days for the platform and we still have a way to go to fulfil our mission. Feedback like this helps get us closer.


Really wish i had these tools when i started off my self. Great to see an entire team dedicated to furthering the community as a whole and inspiring new players to start developing, with easy accessible tutorials.

The entire look of it is astonishing, i’m a big fan of the simplicity, yet great looking UI, and how uniquely it’s all structured. Can’t wait to see where this is heading for the future.


Truly amazing.

I definitely encourage the development in this, and I can see you and your crew worked really hard on it. Rather than a YouTube tutorial, or a video tutorial, it is a ‘hands-on learning lesson.’ My only concern is, how will you charge for a plugin:

To my knowledge, you cannot sell a plugin on Roblox unless it’s free.
I’ve never created a plugin, so that’s for you to answer.


Agreed. This work is incredible, this can 100% help a lot of people!


Learning coding is my biggest challenge as a ROBLOX dev, due to some fun ADD and being a very visual learner. I’m really quite pleasantly surprised at how much I learned from just the basic programming introduction, and I will most definitely be using this tool to learn more as it matures. Amazing work, very excited about it!


This is really good for people that want to learn coding, iv’e been doing a lot of coding on different programs but it was always hard for me, i know this CK Studio plugin tool you guys made will help me and other Devs out. That want to get into coding or wanting to learn it great work, guys for making this very happy for this!


Sounds like a really great thing to get involved in. I am definitely interested.


Sounds like a great idea! I look forward to seeing more people come to use this. :slight_smile:


Very great initiative. The website and plugin are clean and easy to follow. Having the option of both visual videos and written text is very helpful. When I first started programming I had no issues understanding stand alone concepts. The biggest hurdle I would say I faced was actually putting code all together to form a functional and organized game. Really getting down to how everything should communicate for the game to run smoothly and seeing the big picture of your game while breaking it down into the smaller steps. The most useful thing would be a step by step walkthrough that creates some simple games that are consistent with the stand alone lessons. I really like what you guys are doing here and resources like this would have made learning to program much easier for me many years ago.


The tutorial experience you created is worth more than anything you can find on Youtube. I really like the way it is implemented. Amazing work!


is this going to be included in the cost of the current code kingdoms, or an additional cost?

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We’re on the same wavelength. Currently we are exploring series of courses whereby a user puts a game together from scratch using what they’ve learnt.

Thanks for your feedback!

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This looks interesting for sure and probably the best project that CK has ever made to help developers create some awesome games or even their dream games.

Not to be so critical with your old projects as they’re a bit buggy, some broken projects and also connections aren’t that great. (CodeKingom)

But as I always said about learning on Roblox platform or even general scripting that they always should learn the hard way and not a cheating way. A visual or hints and tips are basically asking for answers in your exams if you get what I mean. I always believe in taking the time to understand how everything works, buy a book about programming in general and test the knowledge. I mean, yes, as a new developer… You will need to know some scripts to get started, you need to know how to do models, building templates, building a map, script it up to make a game. But as this is early access for devs to test, this project is okay based on the people that struggle to not understand how the studio works. But again, we have Roblox dev wiki, some other youtube content to help with that.

That all being said, I will look into the project further and will make better feedback and throw in some suggestions perhaps. I would probably suggest on teaching the basic scripts first, how to model (Without using already made models) and then, test the “students” knowledge by making something cool, upload it to the community for the devs to share and then make a cool project? If that is what CK is all about, then that would be a great help for the learning devs to understand how the studio works.

All the best and will try it again soon, but this isn’t really my cup of tea to learn the platform. Books, wiki and investigate. And when I have issues, that’s why we have DevForum to help each other to not only understand how to fix the issue but to also learn.

I hope this is a good little feedback, will add another when I have time to really study it. Thank you for the post and helping the dev community regardless.


Thanks for your feedback.

You make a very good point that not everyone wants to learn this way. For some people, learning from textbooks and manuals is a good way of getting started. However I do not believe this is the right approach for everyone.

By producing video and written content, we’ve tried to appeal to people who learn best visually and also learn best reading at their own pace. If we want to teach more people essential digital skills, and how to make Roblox games than ever - we need to embrace as many different learning styles as possible to engage as many people as we can.

There will always be some people who learn best from reading technical documentation, and for those people there are a lot of great resources out there already.

Do let us know your thoughts when you’ve had a chance to check out of the courses! Particularly, our courses covering basic scripting (like Starter Programming) and modelling (like the castle series starting at Starting to Model). Hopefully this was the kind of thing you had in mind.


This looks really good! :open_mouth: Few things I decided I’d do all of them (even the basics ones cause why not) but I found them to kinda confusing at times (especially the scripting ones)

Like one said something like ‘Turn the light yellow’ which to me meant change it’s brick color to a yellow, not the transparency. And Transparency and CanCollide were never mentioned as to what they actually do, so to someone who knows nothing about scripting, if you said ‘Make it so parts can fall through the block’ they’re gonna have no clue what to do.

Or like one where it says ‘SetBreakFloorCollapseTime’ but doesn’t specify where this can be found?

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Thank you so much for letting us know what you thought. Could I ask if you were using the written guides, or the videos? I will then forward this feedback to the team, and we’ll have a discussion about it!


There’s videos??
This is the one I’m doing atm (it’s like the third one)

And this step I’m stuck at. No clue where this part is and used all the hints. They don’t specify where this part can actually be found

Would highly recommend testing these guides with someone who has never even opened studio before in their life :grimacing: I feel like testing it with someone whose used studio before can mean you miss a lot, as it can be inferred if you know what certain things mean/do.