Updated process for achieving "Regular" on the DevForum

That means a moderator hasn’t reviewed it yet. Posts get auto-hidden after several flags, but that doesn’t do anything to the post apart from hiding it until a moderator comes and agrees/disagrees on the flags.

EDIT: If you have more detailed questions about how Discourse moderation works please ask me in private, this is getting a bit off-topic


Awesome, it’s nice to see that people with the “new member” level can be promoted to member a bit easier.
I was always unsure really how one was able to get the member level.

Moving forward I hope things can continue to get better and better

I think this is great for new members. I know I would have appreciated this process back when I was one, but I did feel warm and fuzzy knowing actual people approved of me becoming a full member.

One thing has me concerned though:

Please don’t automate this. Top Contributors are awesome individuals who have tons of knowledge and are honestly some of the best assets to the devforums. Automating the Top Contributors role is like giving a moderator role away for free, and I’m not sure any automation can guarantee good results.


Top Contributors currently have no moderator powers or duties. Lead Top Contributors will not be automated with that change.

Additionally, nobody will be automatically added to the post approval team.


That’s a relief. For some reason, I thought they could move threads and stuff. Maybe I’m getting that confused. I’m looking forward to more improvements to the dev forums soon!


Well, I guess the original guide that was constructed about this needs to link here.

I like the new streamlined process, but am curious if moderation will still be manual on the devforum. It doesn’t seem very fitting to allow automation to determine who gets promoted and then have the same automation be the only system seeing if they are not abusing their role. Basically, what I’m asking is if there will still be checks and balances of manual reviewal for moderation on the devforum.


Thanks Developer Relations team for making this happened for Member role automation.
I hope I get Member role from automation or not. Since I don’t post much on DevForum which I’ve been busy in life.

I believe the Leader (trust level 3) role only have the power to move the thread, close thread, and edit topic.


It’s great to see that roblox does actually still care about the developer community, this is a great decision to still have some majiao select8on and hard entry processes, although people will now be let in easier.

Keep on improving!


This one catches my eye. I was expecting this automated system, but doing this with a forgiving approach to the people who has learned from their mistakes really makes me appreciate your work.

I think this approach will help problematic people to try being a better community member. What a lovely thought to have! <3


What is the criteria if I may ask? (Currently what we have is this quoted text)


As is the case with the New Member automation criteria, I doubt they’ll ever say for certain what it is. It’s liable to be cheated or abused if they do.



This is the stack we have right now:

  • New Member / Member (automated)
  • Top Contributor / Post Approval / Lead Top Contributor (manual, but pretty much impossible to get)

This is the stack we are moving towards (not yet, but will be the case):

  • New Member / Member (automated)
  • Top Contributor (automated selection for fairness, additional manual review for integrity before rank is awarded)
  • Post Approval (manual consensus by Post Approval + Community Sage)
  • Community Sage (= Lead Top Contributor, will be renamed, manual consensus by Lead Top Contributor + DevRel)

More info on the next step towards the bottom situation soon™. All of these steps are carefully crafted and discussed really thoroughly to make sure we’re not messing up the forum.


I can find reasons to both despise this change and appreciate it at the same time.

As an older forum member, I inheritly have distaste for an automated approval system (I initially summarized that here if you’re inclined to read it). However, seeing as ROBLOX is a platform growing at an exponential rate, I can unfortunately see why an automated system would have to be put into place in order to subsidize the overwhelming traffic that this site now gets.

As new users come in and are eventually promoted, I would expect older users, ones who had to write a submission letter to get into the “exclusive club” this place once was for example, to impulsively flock to different sub-communities as the former anonimity and tight community this site once offered has slowly vanished underneath the new, public, surface the site now shows.

I think it’s important for the developer relations team keeps the thoughts of veteran DevMembers intact when making decisions like this. It’s quite hard transitioning from what was once a private forum with a niche community to a wide open door for everyone to storm into. I believe that is why you dont see as many popular faces here contributing as much as they used to.


While I see what your getting at, I’d like to point out that, as buildthomas said, this isn’t an “exclusive group”. Actually, the new members have stats higher than yours lol.

While I respect your veteran status, and the fact that you made it through the harder way, I think that these members shouldn’t be viewed as less experienced or good as others.

Furthermore, this is not a wide open door. The entry method is tough, which is why select, experienced members are the only ones making it through.

You don’t need to be popular to make good contributions. Lesser-known but experienced developers aren’t naturally worse than those who are successful.


Thanks for this new system I liked VERY much!


A lot of the more successful or popular developers just don’t need the sort of support this forum offers anymore. It feels weird to phrase it as if the only people who will ever be popular or successful are the ones who were that way in the past. If you’re looking for people like Sharksie or Stravant I don’t know what to say because people have careers and university and the like. If you’re looking for people like Anaminus or Davidii, they’re still here.

I’m just not sure what the point you’re trying to make is. Is it that people aren’t saying on the site forever or that people aren’t posting very often? People leave and people take their place in a community. That’s how it is, and always will be.

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Glad this update came along. The sad thing was, many people I known were believing achieving a certain badge count on the DevForum gets you promoted and it really did not make sense nor was stated by any official forum member either. However, this update clears that up, hope to see more talented developers in this forum being a full member.

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I guess I can see what you are saying. I assume you just feel veteran forum members here should be acknowledged as veterans and not like all the others. Of course, I am not happy with the idea of making an exclusive club because that only would add more problems but maybe you just meant something else and rather the intention to have veterans stand out more. Now getting at what you are saying, I completely support the idea of having veteran members stand out more. But I dont understand the issue with this update though, making veterans stand out would solve the issue.

I like this update. I like to think I’m in good standing!
Time to make even more helpful open source projects, and answer even more questions!

I’ve always done my best to be a good member of this community, and this is great incentive for others to do the same. I hope this change inspires an increase in quality content and decrease in low effort postings as people strive to meet these requirements.

Hacker voice: “I’m in.”


Does the process also check Roblox Moderation History? Because I believe that’s necessary. I already know you check for DevForum moderation history, but if you don’t already, I think you should also check for Roblox Moderation History.