Updated process for achieving "Regular" on the DevForum

This is splendid! This will surely help us out becoming Members! I have a question though, if I were to welcome New Members, would this help the bot notice activity? I’ve been recently greeting New Members to the forum and I am just curious if giving them a warm welcome is a healthy step into this new system.


I’m not insinuating exactly “spam” level posts. I’m pointing out like, just look at this thread so far. All the “Support” kind of posts you’re seeing, where nothing meaningful is added. They aren’t wrong to post that kind of stuff, and likely won’t get flagged for it, but it’s kind of “pointless” to post some of that kind of stuff. And then there is people who will go into Dev Support threads & just re-word someone else’s answer (and sometimes the OP gives the re-worded answer the Solution tag) and stuff like that.


LTCs could only suggest members to the moderators responsible for the promotions. This is quite disrespectful to be suggesting things like that…


New members have access to the majority of the forum, some categories accessible via the post approval process. Being a member really only saves you some minor tedium / delay.


With the rapidly advancing userbase, I suppose it was due for an update.
I like this, cool!


I recommend reviewing the rules.


The post approval process is what got me to essentially quit using the forum due to how nitpicky the LTCs are. They’d rather waste everybody’s time telling me to make minor changes rather than letting those in the target category deal with it.

Note that adding more restrictions does not make the situation better. The moment someone tries to use the lenience they used to be given, they get shot down by the LTCs. I’m not even allowed to make any jokes in my posts. It’s depressing. This forum is a lot less friendly than it used to be; just look at all the people replying to my posts with ‘read the rules’.


I’m one of the 50 promoted Members and I’m very happy about the change. It opened a few doors for me that would probably never open for me if I wasn’t sharing my knowledge as much. Kudos to all who we’re also promoted and will be.


Nevermind. I’m not asking for your advice; I’m deleting my post now. Too much off-topic discussion.


The whole idea of the criteria is to prevent that. It doesn’t just track one or two metrics.

Once you see someone being promoted that you think shouldn’t be, feel free to bring it up, then we can look into it.


Who are the people manually approving? Is there a set guideline followed for each person or is it considered case to case with severity of infractions with deciding who will be manually approved?

I’ve only run into one issue post on here which resulted in a low level strike and would find that a shame to find that’ll prevent me from regular promotion after trying to contribute to the devforum.


This is great, it gives people something to work for and let’s staff focus on other things the automation is a good choice.


This new “automatic” system sounds more promising than the old style “manual” system, however, I don’t wanna give anyone ideas but if stats like “days visited”, “read time”, “topics viewed” and “posts read” is a criteria then some might code an activity bot for it.


What’s the point anymore? The only reason I didn’t give up when I automatically got promoted to “New Member”, is that I still have to prove myself worthy in order to achieve a full membership status. This really disappointed me.

I said I don’t feel like I earned it, but now I have the chance to earn my way into a full member rank within the forums. And that’s very motivating.

Now because of this, there’s no good official way for people to verify that you’re an approved, legit developer.

I really don’t like this change.


What’s that link to the page where it shows recent promotions? I can never seem to remember it :laughing:

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The developer forums were never meant as a status symbol and if you used full member status as one that’s on you.


This. After having read all the replies up to here I have no idea what that means for my moderation history. Is it at all possible we can have at least a less vague idea of what exactly contributes to our moderation history, and/or how it changes over time?


here you go: https://devforum.roblox.com/g/trust_level_2?desc=true&order=added_at


Great, now that this is initiated production will go much faster, I am glad to see newer things to come for this!

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Happy to see the new membership system, this will help a lot of people out for becoming Members. I got a question will the other rule for becoming member, would that have to be change! to the new membership process? or does that still stand for becoming a full member?