Updated Progress on Low-poly Cyberpunk street

Hi there everyone, I am posting a topic on my new updated work on the project I am working on and I wanted to see if I could get any feedback or criticism on it so far. :thinking:
Images and videos:

(BTW: On the first video, on the left, that build is still being worked on)


Sick dude, keep it up, I love this style you have and the added flicking lights adds so much to the build to be honest.

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It looks amazing! I like how you used the lights to create a sort of dark, alleyway atmosphere. One thing I would say about the build is that you might want to have the lights flicker slower.

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i love the build. though i think the lights flicker to quickly and maybe too many lights flicker. but overall this is a REALLY good build. i love the vibe it gives