Updated Section on games page, is incorrect

Read Me
I was changing all the stages of my obby since 3 days, and I click Save to Roblox after I do the stages work daily, and I noticed the Updated section
It changes to the current day, like if I click Save to Roblox, and today is 19th April, the updated becomes 19th, so basically even if I did not update my game, its becoming like I have updated it

Reproduction Steps
As far as I know, when you click Save to Roblox inside studio, this bug occurs
I can show on which game this bug is occuring, pls don’t ban the game, I did not do anything for this bug
Game link: Nearly Impossible Difficulty Chart Obby - Roblox

Expected Behaviour
The updated section should be changed when the game is updated, Published to Roblox
Not when saved to studio

Actual Behaviour
The updated section is changing when the game is not yet published
The update is not showing in game, but the updated section date is changing

Issue Area: Website
Issue Type: Bug
Impact:: High (This will make the players think game is updated, but they will join game, and get dissappointed that game is not updated, this will make players lose hope/interest on the game)
Frequency: Constantly


You can just save it to your computer instead of saving it to Studio. It would keep the date correct when you finally publish the update.

But thats not the point, the update section is displayed incorrectly, without caring about Save or Update to Roblox

Oh wait, this is not private DM anymore, its moved to Website bugs channel

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We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update.
Thanks for the report!


Thank you, I will be waiting for your positive response

If everyone writes that it would be horrific.

Do you have team create members? Maybe you updated some settings in the Create section and not in the studio which still counted?

No I don’t have a team, and I never changed anything in settings

Hey @Focia19 any update on this so far?

Our engineers took this issue in consideration as valid. However, this is in their queue for processing at the moment because we want a long term fix for it!

I will come back with updates when I have any!

Thank you for your patience!