"Updated" section on page of places too broad

It currently just says the date of when it was last updated.

I liked it before when it was more specific. It used to say how many minutes/hours ago when it was last updated.

Whenever I roll out an update, I have to double check to make sure the place actually updated. It’s really annoying :*(

I often forget if I did end up uploading the place, too. So I just try to leave the “updated successful” popup window open so if I go back to it to double check, I know it was updated.

There was an admin plan to make it say the exact time it was updated on its page from mouse hover but that is in the backlog I guess.

Use BTRoblox for the time being

Just took a look to see if I could find anything.

If you look at the title of the webpage when you view a game’s page, you can see the timestamp of when it was updated!
E.g. Place name , a Free Game by Player - ROBLOX (updated 6/25/2015 1:28:00 PM)

Though the timezone in which the timestamp matches isn’t quite clear. Doing simple tests on my own place could help figure that out.

Though yeah, some sort of easily accessable information, such as an extension, works well :stuck_out_tongue: