Updated Version of My House

On May 13th, 2020, I published my first ever Cartoon Styled Mini-Home.
This is what it looked like:

In my last post, I have read everyone’s comments and suggestions on how I should improve my first ever model. Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions, I took some of them into consideration! :+1:

Today I’ve been working on the house and I have now made an updated version of it!
This is what it looks like:

Updated House

Here is all I changed in case you’re unsure :slight_smile:

  • Changed the color of some window lights to make them look like they’re off

  • Fixed the roof due to it looking weird and slanted

  • Resized some parts and windows

  • Added a new doorknob

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Quite simplistic and basic however the updated changes aren’t much however it’s a good start for someone that’s diving into building.

One suggestion that i would like to give is possibly change or add a small front door overhang roof if you know what that is. I’ll attach an image below consider throwing a small porch to the building that could give it a nice touch to the whole building you could, try removing some of the windows on the side try going for different designs houses don’t feature identical similar window looks.

Placing a few more home comfort props chimney, chairs, door plants and more, that way it can give more life to the building than just be simply an empty area placed with windows maybe place an chimney and different looks.


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I do not remember posting this topic since I recreated it “once again” I guess, but way better! So please excuse this topic. :slight_smile: