(Updated)Modeler needed!

About me

Hey guys thank you for stopping by I am making a game and i am looking for a advanced modeler that could model cars for me all type of cars for me i will send you the pics and the name and then you make them.


You will be paid monthly,weekly, or daily
as you like. The payment is listed down below
For daily i will pay you 100 robux everyday
For monthly i will pay you 1k robux every month
For weekly i will pay you 300 robux every week


You can contact me on discord my username is: Gamer317#8599

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

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you ask for a modeler… and then say that people have to add you on discord to get payment info. Good luck man. if you don’t include payment in the post then everryone will assume its going to be like 200 robux and you wont get any decent modelers applying.


Im not some super duper modeler but I can do the job. :slight_smile:

I am willing to model for you unlock me in discord Samuel_xam

Did u friend me both of you


Tell me your guys username or just friend me on discord

unlock me I’m th ZORRO
to talk about the payment and the model

What you mean you friend Ed me cause I dont know what you mean when you say unlock me

You did not friend me my usernams is Gamer317#8599

1k a month is underpaying consider paying per asset AKA 750+ Per model, I understand that this might be beyond your budget but just informing you that most of the professionals don’t accept these prices


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