updateGeometry taking >500ms

I’m currently building a game with a few friends that is pretty detailed. Every time a player joins, we introduce a new object into the game, or we manipulate existing objects, this causes a massive lagspike (usually 500ms-1000ms) with updateGeometry being the culprit according to the MicroProfiler. I read up that this is related to having a large amount of (usually high detailed) meshes in the game, but even when deleting all of the MeshParts that we have in a server, the issue still occurs. Lowering the Lighting settings also did not resolve the issue.

I’m stumped on how to resolve the issue. I’m not really a builder or a modeler, just a scripter, so my knowledge on how to resolve issues like this are limited.

The game is available here. There would usually be a kick when you join for grouplocking purposes, but for the purposes of getting assistance with debugging I’ve turned it off.

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Turns out it was the lighting after all. I dismissed it after thinking that moving the parts around in Studio still caused lag, but in game it fixed the performance issues after going from Future to ShadowMap.

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