Updates and Changes to the UGC Catalog Application

Hey developers,

As you may know, our UGC Program is continuing to expand as we welcome over 250 creators to the program this wave! We’re continuing to make the program as diverse as possible - and to help expand upon that goal, we’re making a few changes to our UGC Application.

UGC Applications are now open - permanently!

Starting today you may submit your application at any time.

Please follow the directions on the application as it is not the same as in previous waves. If directions are not followed, your application will be rejected.

Application Guidelines

Anyone interested in joining the program is welcome to apply! However, this program is in high demand and could take multiple weeks for you to hear back from us. If you are still on the fence, check out the following guidelines to determine if you’re a great fit for this program.

Be a Good Community Member

Participants in this program have a highly-visible position, therefore, we are looking for active contributors who follow our community guidelines.

Show Your Passion

Since we are only accepting a limited number of creators at a time, we want to ensure that those chosen are the ones who are truly passionate and will make the most of their time during the program. Your participation will ultimately help shape the program and the content in the Avatar Shop!

Follow Basic UGC Catalog Program Guidelines

Both the creator and the content must adhere to our Terms of Use, DMCA Guidelines, and program guidelines (details of this will be expanded further if accepted).

All of these are general guidelines, and exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Application Process

After we have reviewed your application, we will send you a message via the Dev Forum with information about your submission status.

If your application is accepted, we will contact you and begin the onboarding process, along with an email containing further information on your onboarding. Please be sure to submit a valid email address, as the email you submit with your application will be where this information is sent. If you submit an invalid email address, your application will be automatically rejected.

If your application is rejected, you will receive a notice letting you know that you were not accepted into the program at this time. We encourage you to continue working on your application and consider applying again in the future!

Ready to apply?

Please submit your application through this link!

If you are attending RDC 2022 either in-person or virtually, be sure to check out the Avatar Economy presentation by @givenothingback & @Captain_Rando on September 10 at 10:45 am for information on UGC applications and more! If you’re not attending, don’t fret. We will share the VOD once it’s available.

Thank you.


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Perm UGC applications? That’s awesome! It will give more time to people to build their portfolio, and users can make better UGC quality items!


I like it, I hope it will get accepted, I want it so much…


Aw yeah, I’m definitely going to try and make some stuff for UGC now. I’ve been keeping my eye on the program as I’ve taken a heightened interest in 3D modeling lately.

document your creation process.

Does this mean I can make a sort of scrapbook type thing with captions, or should I record myself modeling it? I’m a bit apprehensive to do the latter as I tend to work a little bit slower than most, but if all I need to do is write down what decisions I made and why, with pictures, that’s not too hard.

EDIT: I’m also unsure how to make a portfolio in the talent hub :face_with_spiral_eyes: I guess I’ll just post the images to my profile on there unless there’s a preferred, other way to do it.


I agree with this concept. Someone needs to make this a hat, and fast. If this doesn’t get made into a hat, I don’t know how I’ll be able to live with myself. I want, no, need this. I can feel the amazing senses of the part sat on top of my head. The plastic material texture, it feels so warm and fuzzy upon my robloxian head. If this were to get accepted I would fall onto my knees wherever I am and start to cry. This hat is honestly a masterpiece. It’s so detailed and unique that it makes me wonder why this wasn’t thought of sooner. Thank you for your time.


Time to open up a blender tutorial and give it my best attempt to learn to make some accessories :yum: . Wish this was open to everyone outside of skill level but i guess we still have to wait a few more years.


Well, I will take this chance to do the best I can


Big Roblox win! Can’t wait to submit my portfolio to you guys!


This is amazing! Gives my Roblox brand a better chance at growing in UGC!


This is a really great change and will definitely broaden the different types of UGC we have to this day. I can’t wait to see what the UGC community manages to create.


THANK YOU! This is gonna be so helpful to many smaller creators!


This is both one of the best and worst decisions they could’ve made. Permanent applications will be the DOWNFALL against all robloxians looking for a good hat or accessory, the countless number of people who will fall to this will be GIANT in quality and manufacturing.

The one piece is real


Hey, just looking for a little more insight on how the review process will look, once a person applies will they just receive a message after being reviewed or will it still have the old fashion way where responses are sent out all at once?


I was looking in the topic for a list of requirements, but I couldn’t seem to find any. I’m specifically looking for age requirements, if anyone knows.


UGC program is supposed to be oversaturated — have you ever complained about a Steam game having way too many workshops items? User Generated Content, on Roblox’s scale is unavoidable to get oversaturated. I believe the reason behind Roblox’s decision of UGC’s percentage is because an average UGC item gets featured way, way, way more than your average Roblox clothing and gets 1000 times more of the sales.


UGC stands for User Generated Content, it’s designed with user in mind, not huge creators. If there are more UGC creators, there’ll be more competition which leads to better designed items, rather than a creator single handedly monopolying the entire market with low quality items.


I believe the reason behind your judgement is flawed because you think it’s a super exclusive program which you don’t want others to get in because you feel special, although Roblox has denied over the past few Roblox Dev Conferences that they’ll be making it player focused rather than the creator.


It isn’t supposed to mean anything to be a UGC creator. The UGC program should be as accessible as making shirts and pants. How can it be User Generated if it’s extremely exclusive?


Exactly this, it wouldn’t be called UGC if it was exclusive to just a handful of selected people.