[UPDATING IN 10HOURS]Builder Portfolio(some low poly)

About Me

Hi, I have been building for around one year now. I mostly use low poly for terrain and stuff not really houses so please keep that in mind. Enjoy my work!

Previous Work


You may think its not a lot to work from but I will make more examples of my work and update my portfolio. As soon as possible


All prices are negotiable but I accept PayPal and Robux group payout and it does depend on the build and the time it takes to build. So please tell me a price then show me what you want me to build so I can see if I’m down for that pay. All prices are negotiable. Mostly PayPal but robux group funds can be alright as well.

I’m not interested in long term atm so around 50-1000 robux for EACH asset you want me to do depending on what it is.

Please contact me on Discord - babyshadow_#0834, thanks for reading :smiley:


Added more examples and some more information UPDATED!!

I am interssed can you add me on discord.

PORTFOLIO NOW OPEN AGAIN. So yeah just HMU on discord

Hello do you build interior my discord is -5#5999

Hello , I am interesed and i can give you want youre looking for a long term Please message me! rep#5744