Updating local place/asset files and then updating/uploading them on the website

I’m trying to make a Discord command that’s format is

?addscript <script name> <script source>

Where then it goes through a queuing process (this is for a community), if it gets denied, it tells the message’s author that it got denied with a supplied reason, if it gets accepted, then it will add a StringValue (I think that’s what it’s called) where the name is the script name and the value is the script source. After it updates the local file, it updates a module on the Roblox website with that updated place file. There, someone would join the game and would do !load script name and it would run that script. Is there any way to do this? If so, please let me know.

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I know this is possible cause services like myCenter update a script in the place file where it replaces a place holder loader id with the updated and correct one, and then gives that file to the user. I’m just really clueless on what to do for this

This is not possible.
There are two reasons.

  1. If you update the place, you will have to shut down the server.
    Otherwise the script will not be updated.
  2. Dynamically upgrading places is nearly impossible.
    If you find such an API, you have to analyze the file format. This is nearly impossible for a skill developer like you (including me).


Things necessary:
Servers you own (including databases)

Users who wish to upload will upload the script from Roblox studio.
The user then queues with the uploaded asset ID.
If approved, it will be registered in the database of your own server.
The user executes’! Load (assetid)’.
Prepare the API on your server.
HTTP / CheckWhitelist? AssetID = (assetid here) (GET)
return: {whitelisted: true}
Make an HTTP request and load if whitelisted is true.

This costs money. I think it’s difficult.

This is going to update a module, not an active game, and besides, how do services like myCenter manage to pull that off? Servers I’m not that worried about atm

Same as place. Uploading is difficult.
And if you upload dynamically, you may get a 429 Error (Too many requests). It’s not good to upload dynamically.

Uploading I think I know the api for that, but what about updating the local file?

Really? then please give me a docs link please?


I searched all api on roblox, but i cannot found script upload api…

However, if you find the upload API, you cannot use it because it is too difficult to use.
I’m tired of using the image upload API, but I couldn’t use it because it was too difficult to upload.

https://api.roblox.com/v1/asset or https://api.roblox.com/v1/assets/upload

The api called v1/assets/upload does not exist!

And i said before,

It’s best to give up.

It doesn’t? Why does the api site say that it exists?

“Great advice”
No, I won’t give up.

EDIT: Finally figured out how to update modules/upload them, but how do you write changes to the local rbx file?

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