Upload an image from plugin

So currently, i’m working on a plugin that can take a PNG using @Maximum_ADHD 's PNG parser module, and build it into parts. The only issue is that the PNG is not uploaded to roblox, and therefore, not moderated, before it is built into parts.

I’ve browsed the developer reference to upload the image on their behalf from a plugin, but i’ve turned up no results.

Any info would help. Thanks in advance!


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From what I know, there isn’t anyway to moderate the image, unless you’d have gotten the image from roblox and not from the plugin/ wherever you put the image in. This means you won’t really be able to moderate the images, which is sad however I guess you have to have trust in everyone? If somebody abuses your plugin, I don’t believe you’ll be punished for it, unless you specifically use it for malicious intent.


Moderation takes a lot of time, and uploading a version of the image to moderate would make the user wait forever before it is imported. This is saying you can even upload images automatically with a plugin, which I doubt. Making a bot account might work but then you run into problems when people upload inappropriate images.

Long story short, you shouldn’t upload them to the roblox site for moderation.


You could make a Ui that allows players to select from their own Image assets that have already uploaded to Roblox. I’m not entirely sure how you would get the raw data of those images’ pixels without some sort of 3ed party api.

Though this is a cool idea for a project it doesn’t have enough practical use cases to justify the risk of some noob uploading pictures of boobies to a kid friendly platform.

If you do end up making this plugin, I’d recommend keeping it to yourself and not making it publically accessible.