Upside Down Constantly Moving Starter Character

The starter character I made was seemingly normal until I tried using it in game. Every time I press play my starter character spawns like it tripped. After I press jump my character ends up as not only being upside down but also constantly sliding. I don’t even have control over where I can move since I don’t have control over the W key. The only way I can slightly control my movement is by turning which I also don’t want. I already tried looking through the dev forums and what I found didn’t help at all. Does anyone know about anything that could fix this?


Please reply someone reply I’ve been trying to fix my starter character for days.

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I attached a video here of my problem in case it helps robloxapp-20210613-2000073.wmv (1.5 MB)

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You created a character for your game, did you create it as a morph with the standard animations?
If it isn’t a morph, but rather a model with several parts just attached and isn’t rigged, it would essentially lead to what you’re going through.

Assure that your character is rigged, so it can track properly the animations you have for it.
Are you able to retrieve some more information on what you’re trying to do?

If you added a bunch of free models, there could also be a chance of what you’ve assumed to be stable and working → could be outdated and broken.

i think u unknowingly got the wrong surface