Urgent! Character Modeller Needed!

Before this topic was made, my partner and I were happy with our models, then realised that they were too similar to another game, so we need some models ASAP

About the project

My partner and I, @Vierrde, are making a horror game on roblox. We are expecting to release it around 5th July. We have made amazing progress, it’s coming along great!

@Vierrde is the builder, and I am the programmer of the project.

The job

So, as mentioned, we are looking for a professional character modeller, who can take the role of modeller with pride. Your skill level should be good, but your communications and activeness should be better :wink:

An example of what we would require would be something similar to the monster in Bakon. If you do not know what it looks like, please play this game:

For whatever reason you cannot play, look at this photo:

The bulkiness and muscular features of the monster is what we are looking for.


We are tight on funds, next to nothing, and, just like me and my partner, we will be paying in percentages of the game. 20% of it.


Only apply if you are up to it, please.
If you are, contact me via:
Discord: Crrustyy#0447
DevForum: @Crrustyy



Is it possible to provide some game progress?


Yes, however, not photos of it.

We are 90% done with builds, and 99% done with scripts.

Thanks for the question.

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Messaged ya on discord, Toaster#9447
Edit: Added*


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