Urgent: GUI not showing up for players that are currently joining

Hi, I have recently adopted a fire server technique to make a GUI appear on all the player’s screens. However when a player joins after the remote event has been fired, the GUI does not show up. Pls help

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When doing edits to the Urgent gui in PlayerGui, do the same edits to it in StarterGui, same thing for when you hide it

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What does that mean essentially?

Basically, there’s 2 places where Guis are, PlayerGui and StarterGui,

StarterGui is where PlayerGui takes the guis from to put into the player, like how StarterGear is where Backpack takes the gears from to put into the player

When you edit the Urgent Gui in PlayerGui only, the Urgent Gui in StarterGui stays the same, so you have to change the one there too So when people join, they copy the edited Urgent gui