[URGENT] SpecialMesh causes Viewmodel Arms to Rotate (FE GUN KIT)


I’m currently working on a viewmodel for AL’s Fe Gun Kit V3 and since the gun system is pretty limited, it requires factors to function properly, with one of those factors being the Left & Right Arms of the viewmodel, has to have a SpecialMesh with a MeshId to properly work.

The thing is that, I’m using a Rig from a previous game I made, and it didn’t require a SpecialMesh, so we didn’t put one in the Viewmodel Arms at all. But since the scripting of that game wasn’t finished, due to a lack of tutorials, we have to transition the gun system into Fe Gun kit, and doing that is pretty complicated.


The arms in the previous gun system used to be a Meshpart, which was fine. I actually used Modified SBS to convert it into a part, so that way I can enter the SpecialMesh. The thing is, Fe Gun Kit doesn’t support MeshParts. So if someone could find a way so that it could, that’d solve the whole topic.

Screenshot 2022-05-31 094556


The issue I’m having here, is that when I insert an id into the special mesh, it rotates the arms upwards, causing this effect.

And the desire effect is this:

How do I prevent the mesh id rotating the arms? It happens to any mesh I use for these specific arms, I can’t find any solutions. Do I need to open the mesh in blender and rotate it manually? Is it possible to rotate the mesh just through it’s property?

I just figured out you could just use the same MeshPart MeshID for the SpecialMesh, it’s just that the animation doesn’t work correctly for some reason. Any solution for this?

My main question is how to convert a MeshPart into a MeshPart with having the same properties (Size, Rotation, Position) and it working correctly when animated.