USA American Army Allie Request


Become an ally today.

Allies Information Request

1 - Do not abuse

2 - Do not be rude/disrespectful

3 - Always follow the rules

4 - Always call higher ranks “sir” or “Ma’am”

5 - Listen to your higher ranks

More rules coming soon


On behalf on being a allie towards USA American Army you need to have to submit a forum to become a allie, these requests cannot be joking around and you must also link your group, we accept the following:

Air Force, Armys, Military, Military Police, Special Forces, and more groups. Being a allie is a big request and you need the following in your group:

100-200+ members, 40+ followers on account, Developers, A group, Regiments, Active members, Proof of ownership.

The following information and the before information you must follow, to become an ally towards us or you cannot.

Proof of Ownership

You need proof of ownership to become an ally, even a picture in the owner’s account (which has to be yours).

Not following these will result in a punishment.


Thanks for listening/reading, the ally forums are here to apply and maybe become an ally.


Signed to the Allie Regiment of USA American Army

All property belongs to the USA American Army and is signed by the ARU [Allie Regiment USA] President and Development VP

Signed By.

President, VP of Development,


Signed Date:

30/10/2021 by President.

____________________Regarding Questions:

“You probably have many questions like “Why should I be their ally?” well I’ll tell you why. We have multiple armed forces and regiments and the United States of America spends over 272 billion dollars on the Militarys and armys for our Country.

We have spent over more money than the whole world combined and we have lots of weapons and tactics, not like SWAT but better. The United States Of America is expanding the price on spending money on Military Equipment so we can expand our army. Our army is the #1 army in the world. We have lots of weapons and we are looking for allies to work with, also we have some of the best technology in the world.

We hope you become our ally and we hope you see the good in our army.” - Tysyaka

President of the United States

President of ARU,

VP of Development (Highest Development Rank)

Thanks, regards.


Please take note this is not an actual army and is in roblox, even though the USA has their own army.

Thanks for all the submissions.