[USA] Shout Policy v2


Listed below are shouting rules for the [USA] United States of America owned by pauljkl. This will list shout permissions and certain shout tags certain ranks are able to use.

Currently, this is policy is the second revised version of the nUSA Shout Policy.

*The term “High ranking official” referred throughout this policy is derived as an individual that is at and above the rank of Vice President, or whoever else the President may delegate.

*The original Shout Policy is located here: http://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=164622516

  1. Introduction

As many of you say you all have “Freedom of Speech” that is true, on the wall that is, but it comes to a point where harassment is part of that freedom, which is not allowed on ROBLOX, so your “Freedom” of Speech does come to an end when it starts to affect other people harmfully. Shouting is not a form of Freedom of Speech because it is a system used by the NUSA Government to deliver messages to the public. Shouting is only to be used for official US Government messages such as tryouts, court cases, official USA Social Media, and official government forum threads.

There will be NO warnings given if you decide to shout something completely unrelated to USA
Failure to follow these rules will result in demotion from your rank and losing shouting privileges
High ranking officials in the US Government reserve the right to determine what is and isn’t appropriate shout postings based on the current circumstances

  1. Shout tags

All shouts must include a shout tag. These are short, capitalized words that get the point of the shout across quickly and easily. These must be enclosed by valid enclosing tags (see 3.) The following are valid shout tags that you are to use:

Business owners should be using the shout ONLY to release information relating to their business, and should not use the shout to conduct tryouts, interviews, or releasing other information.

General Shout tags: Used for everyday communication and events in nUSA.

Used for general USA related messages.
Used for tryouts by hosted by an official nUSA Government Agency or Department.
Used for applications by hosted by an official nUSA Government Agency or Department.
Used for business job hiring & other business general information, by DoC approved businesses. Businesses may be over-shouted to prioritize official nUSA Government Agency or Department shouts. Business owner shout use is strictly regulated, and business owner shout policy violators will be extremely scrutinized.
Used for interviews or applications hosted by an official nUSA Government Agency or Department.
Used when announcing things related to our justice system.
Used when announcing things related to the Judicial Branch.
Used for messages related to the United States Military.
Used for messages relating to USM Basic Military Trainings. Can be followed with another shout tag stating what type of BMT it is for.
[PRESS] Used for official USA press statements. Press statements are only reserved for the Press Secretary of the White House, the White House Chief of Staff, the Vice President, and the President of the United States.
Used for messages regarding congress elections or any message regarding official Congress events.
Used by News Companies when shouting, or any other affair regarding the Press. (Can also be used for Real Life Events)

City Shout tags: Used when talking about the city, city development, or city councils.

Used when shouting about Washington D.C.
Used when shouting about Las Vegas
Used when shouting about Los Angeles
Used when shouting about New York City

When shouting about City Councils, add a CC at the end. IE: LVCC, DCCC, LACC

Restricted Shout tags: Only use if you meet the criteria to use the shout tag.

Used by or on the behalf of the President for official announcements. POTUS shout tags by default, are to be kept in the shout for at least an hour. The White House Chief of Staff can use this tag on behalf of the President if deemed necessary.
Used by or on the behalf of the Vice President for official announcements. The White House Chief of Staff can use this tag on behalf of the President if deemed necessary.
Used when discussing anything relating to the nUSA Social Media Department, such as shout policy or guidelines, etc.
Used for the nUSA Youtube Channel and events pertaining to it.
Used for messages announced regarding clan managers/nights minions.
Used by developers of official nUSA cities or projects designated by Nightgaladeld.
Used only by the VPOTUS+ or high ranking officials for extremely important information. The President can and may designate specific people allowed to use the shout lock. Anyone removing a shoutlock will be demoted.
Used by anyone able to use a restricted shout tag, and placed in front of the shout tag of their message. You are to keep their message in the shout for at least 24 hours, or as specified. Only the Vice President, President, and anyone else the President designates may enforce this type of shout.

Shouts without any tags are absolutely not permitted under any circumstances. If you have a message to shout, and one of the valid shout tags does not fit your shout, you may temporarily use a new shout tag that is straight to the point, short, and conforms to ROBLOX rules and this policy. You may not, unless permission is given by a high ranking official, use a shout tag of your agency or department. For example, if the department of agriculture was hiring, you would not use [DoA], you would use [JOB].

The POTUS may restrict and overshout any nUSA Shout Message abiding by the law, with the exception of Elections. No one is allowed to overshout or impede an election.

High ranking officials reserve the right to determine what is and isn’t an appropriate tag

  1. Enclosing Tags
    All shout tags must be enclosed in brackets. Listed below are the different types of brackets, how, if, and when you should use them.
    Shout tags enclosed in normal brackets “(TAG)” can be used by any rank with shouting powers. These are intended to be used for things that don’t necessarily need to stay in the shout for a long time - eg. tryouts, quick announcements, things to clear the shout.
    Shout tags enclosed in square brackets “[TAG]” can be used by any rank with shouting powers. These are intended to be used when you’d like a message to stay in the shout for upwards of 30 minutes. These shouts are generally quite important - eg. academy advertisements, forum threads, Twitch and the like.

  2. Overshouting
    If anyone overshouts another message on the shout, it will result in severe punishment unless the shout is using a non-important enclosing tag (Section 3), unless the original message is void, expired, or has been there for at least 20 minutes. The President may not be over shouted by any person, except by the Founder or his designees for very important reasons. No rank may overshout a SHOUTLOCK tag unless your reason meets one of these exceptions:

The time of the original SHOUTLOCK has expired.
Permission is given by the original shouter
Keeping the SHOUTLOCK with a new shout if the shoutlock tag is wrapped with ( )
You are the rank of Vice President+

  1. Hostile Shouts
    Any hostile shouts or post toward any entity in the nUSA group or outside of it will be treated as harassment. This will also result in removal of your rank without warning, and is only to be granted back by administrative review. Being hostile is against ROBLOX’s rules and you may be reported which can also result in a ban. Shouts breaking ROBLOX rules are prohibited.

  2. Miscellaneous
    At no times is it allowed for anyone to voice their personal opinions via the shout unless it is an official statement via a forum thread. The shout is to remain a place for official use only. Supporting a specific candidate during elections via the shout is also prohibited at all times. If a tryout is shouted, and the tryout has ended, the previous shout before the tryout shall be reposted. “Shout Hogging” is not allowed. If you have been using the shout and have had enough exposure, please allow others to use the shout. Shout Hogging is at the discretion of High Ranking Members. Private Companies may use the shout once (1) a day for recruitment. All other recruitment messages may be posted on the wall. All shouts must be done in a professional manner and follow standard English grammar conventions.

  3. Disclaimer
    This is not a law, it’s an administrative policy for the USA group. This policy must be followed by anyone that has shout powers. If it is not followed, the offender(s) will be demoted. Your rank is a privilege, not a right. Anyone that interferes with a punishment due to violating this policy is subject to punishment as well. Remember to keep up-to-date on this policy as it may change based on the needs of the group. The only person that can revoke this policy is Nightgaladeld or pauljkl. The Shout Policy may be amended and shout tags added at any time by High Ranking Social Media Members.When being able to shout, you agree that if your rank is changed, you cannot sue and will not pursue any action in any way shape or form. Changing an individual’s rank is not a crime.

Written by,
Jody7777 - nUSA ”Taco” Clan Manager - Supreme Commander of Life, Liberty, and Justice for All

IcySound - nUSA “God” Clan Manager
ikiled - nUSA “Immigration” Clan Manager and Developer
Squareheadedude - nUSA “Irrelevant and Signing for No Reason” Clan Manager and Developer