USAF Rules, promotions, and ranks


I. Do not beg for a rank
-You cannot beg for a rank. Only higher ranks can decide when to promote you or not
II. Be respectful
-This military group is all for ages. We do not tolerate swear, bad words, and offensive comments.

III. Keep the wall family friendly
-Do not post any comment that threatens other member.

IV. Being strict and immature is not allowed.
-Very strict and immature people are not tolerated to this group. This group is meant for players to roleplay and experience how it is like to be in the military.


-You need to attend a training to rank up. Trainings are mostly hosted by TRADOC members.

We do not give free ranks away.


To join a division, you need to attend a tryout. So what are the divisions? There are two divisions in the group. 1. Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). 2 Military Police (MP). We’re still working to add new divisions.


A duty of a TRADOC member is to train, educate, and recruit soldiers.

A duty of an MP is to guard, protect, and inspect the base. They arrest or kill bad people.

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