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Fire Department: Handbook

Fire Chief, Written_Law


The mission of the Fire Department:

The mission of the Fire Department is to save lives and protect property. We are the first responders that show up eager to get hands-on with any call we come across. The job of the Fire Department isn’t for everyone and it takes a lot of physical and mental stability and strengths.


Essential Codes for Derby Fire

10-4 - Understood, Copy

10-7 - Out of service, unavailable for calls

10-8 - In service, available for calls

10-10 - Off Duty

10-19 - Return(ing) to station

10-45A - Good

10-45B - Serious

10-45C - Critical

10-45D - Dead

10-53 - Man down

11-40 - Advise if ambulance needed

11-41 - Ambulance needed

11-42 - No ambulance needed

11-78 - Aircraft accident

11-79 - Accident - Ambulance sent

11-80 - Accident - Major injuries

11-81 - Accident - Minor injuries

11-82 - Accident - No injuries

11-83 - Accident - No detail

Other essential codes for FD may be added later.


Response Codes

Code 1 - At your convenience (low priority response)

Code 2 - Immediate Response (no lights or siren)

Code 3 - (Emergency Response (lights and siren)

Code 10 - Critical Trauma case

Code 20 - Acute Trauma case

Code 30 - Trauma case

Code 40 - Serious case (IV started)

Code 50 - Basic transport (not serious)



Radio - There is a set frequency for each department, although we will use Primary a lot.

Patrol / Training Comms - We will use this often, every patrol and training.



You are to have FD’s call-sign and a number from 1- 100. An example of this is: FD-40.






Structurally Sound

How do you know if a building/roof is structurally sound? You will have the hook tool and on the roof, you will hit it with force but be gentle this is to tell if the roof is sound, this also helps for venting the roof. If it is sound you can vent as needed, if not get off the roof. It’s harder to tell if a building itself is sound but gently on all sides, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta side check the walls and as entering check the floor and roof ahead of you with the hook.


Names of the Sides

How do you know what side is A, B, C, D? Traditionally the Alpha side of the building is the side with the front door, and then you work clockwise around the building. Knowing what side is what is helpful as the terms Alpha side, Bravo side, etc will be used often.


Buddy System

As a firefighter on the first day of cadet schooling, you will be shown the proper way of the buddy system. Firefighters never go in alone, never ever this is for one our safety, and two for all of the community and families. We always go home at the end of our shifts and it is because of the buddy system.


Hose Line

It is the job of our crew members to always make sure the hose line is one, straightened out with no kinks or holes. Our hoses are nice, clean and neat fire hoses and they are to be respected as if it were something you truly cared for. There are people who connect the hose and also ones carrying the hose and the nozzle-men.



Fires can be classified in five different ways depending on the agent that fuels them Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Class K

Class A - They involve solid combustible materials such as wood, paper, cloth, trash, or plastic.

Class B - They involve ignitable liquids or gases like petroleum grease, alcohol, paint, propane, or gasoline.

Class C - They involve electrical equipment that starts fires.

Class D - They involve high levels of heat to ignite the metals on fire, this is rare but can happen caused by potassium, magnesium, aluminum, and sodium, as these can ignite when exposed to air or water.

Class K - They involve cooking oils or animal fats and often start when a pan is left unattended for too long on a stove.



Car Crash - This type of call requires both medical and fire response and possible detail. The fire truck that would respond to this call is the Heavy Rescue. Rescue for its water supply and for its standardized tools.

Aircraft Crash - This type of call requires both medical and fire response, possible detail and search team if needed. All units would respond to the call meaning heavy rescue and ladder trucks. Any and all crashes are serious but this one is by far one of the worst.

Other Traffic Crash - This type of call requires both medical and fire response and possible detail depending on the type of traffic crash will make the difference of what and who responds this type of crash consists of any pedestrian, animal, road debris, or other stationary obstruction, such as a tree, pole or building.


Civilian Injury

If any civilian gets hurt you try to do the best you do till medical assistance arrives. If you are in a burning building or any crash at all and a body is recovered you are to do a fire-mans carry of the person and or drag them outside till medical if they are in cardiac arrest you are to complete CPR until Medical arrives. If they are hurt and can not walk you will help them walk and sit till medical arrives. A lot of times medical will already be on scene so that helps when it comes to saving lives.



It is required that you show up for shift completely ready for anything and everything and in proper attire. Around the station, you will wear your FD navy blue polo and navy blue pants if you wish you can wear your full bunker gear around the station but everyone must wear full bunker gear to any and all calls, we get many calls for medical emergencies in which we assist medical, but in some cases, they are fire emergencies with crashes and fires.


FD Chain of Command

Senior Firefighter
Assistant Chef
Fire Chief
Deputy Chief of the Border Patrol
Chief of the Border Patrol

Fire Department Policies


A-1. Comply with all USBP rules, FD rules, and ROBLOX rules.

A-2. You will be assigned certain tasks as part of your rank in the Fire Department.

A-3. Asking for a promotion so you get higher will lead to a suspension.


B-1. When someone in our department fails, we fail; we work together as one, we improve as one.

B-2. Everything in the department will be done flawlessly if mistakes are made people may die, we work with each other as one to advance as a family.


C-1. Everyone is important in their own way in the fire department family.

C-2. You are never to do anything that involves leaving each other behind if this is found, punishment will be implanted.

C-3. Everything you do should be done with care, effort, and responsibility, if there are problems come to the chief of the fire department.

C-4. If found not doing what you should be on the job and being a liability action will be taken against you.


D-1. All Firefighters will use their tools with care and they are to be cleaned and prepped for the next call or shift.

D-2. You have the right to decide that the fire service isn’t for you after trying it out, it’s okay it is not for everyone.

D-3. You have the right to request back up if needed for an assist the more help, the more safety.


E-1. FD isn’t just a department, it’s a team, as a team we work together to accomplish a goal.

E-2. If you are unfit to be a part of the fire service anymore, it will be brought to the Fire Chief and Executive Branch. A decision will be made for your release and it is okay if it is not for you.


F-1. You are to treat everyone with respect, no matter what rank they are or what they may have done wrong to you.

F-2. If you experience problems within the department talk to a Fire Captain or higher. If it’s throughout USBP report it in discord under the support tab for help.

F-3. Everyone is prohibited from any sort of discrimination/harassment what so ever. Feel free to message either the Asit. Chief, or Fire Chief for questions/concerns.


H-1. Fail roleplay - we will have roleplay for such fire and medical responses plus other opportunities. For example, if you need to revive anyone and you say * Starts CPR* Brings back to life that will count as an FRP as it is up to the player to decide if they wish to be brought back or not.

H-2. Breaking USBP and FD rules can also be a fail roleplay.


These policies and the document are subject to change from time to time. Please make sure you are up to date on everything within FD.

If rules are not followed there will be a punishment, either a suspension or removal from the department.

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