[USD $5,000/month] - Come work in a professional game dev environment in Silicon Valley



Hi devs. RedManta LLC is looking for exceptional developers to join us at our HQ in San Mateo, located a short walk from the Roblox HQ. We’re looking for any and all skillsets to add to our team.

Here at RedManta we want to provide opportunities for our employees to grow. We train people in new skills, refine their existing skills, and delegate responsibilities often. Being at our HQ will give you on-site experience at a real game development studio, where you’ll be provided with opportunities and challenges that enable you to grow far beyond what you’d be able to do at home.

As roblox developers, we understand how important community is. Getting feedback and sharing knowledge is essential to the development process, so when you’re accepted we’ll invite you to our developer network, contributor network, and influencer network. You’ll meet new people and get to work with some of the most accomplished individuals and groups on the platform.

The starting salary for an on-site employee is $5,000 per month. We pay for your moving expenses up to $1,000 and we’ll provide you with a desk, a computer, and $1,500 of equipment that you pick. We have lots of experience living in the area, so we can help you find a place too.

Also we have snacks.

We’re looking for full time, 40 hours per week employees. We expect you to be ambitious and actively involved in your work. We didn’t get to where we are by letting good be good enough, and we bring that attitude to everything we do.

You must be 18+ and a resident of the USA. When you’re accepted you’ll have to sign an employment agreement and send us your W-9 (the same form roblox requires to devex). That’s really it.

Think you have a skill that we could use? Send me a PM on the dev forums with your application. It can be in whatever format you want: written in the PM, link to a google doc, etc.

The best applications we see hit multiple key points. We believe there’s a lot of great talent out there, but if you don’t know how to communicate that talent with your application then it will go unnoticed. So when writing your application keep these things in mind:

  • Tell us about your background. We want unique people that can bring new ideas to the table. We want to know how you got started, where you’re at now, and where you want to be in the future. Your goals are as important as ours.
  • Tell us about your role on projects you’ve worked on. “I made Jailbreak” does not sound as good as “I led a team of 5 people to make Jailbreak”. Go into as much detail as possible.
  • Show us your ambition. We want people who will actively look for ways to go above and beyond to make their projects succeed. We want success-oriented people, because the team as a whole can only succeed if everyone in the team is succeeding.

And as always, If you think you won’t get the job, apply anyway! Worst case scenario: you apply, get rejected, reapply later, and we can see with our own eyes how much you’ve improved in that time. That can go a long way, so plant that seed now.

– Ethan Koester (@Sharksie), Co-Founder, RedManta LLC
– Alex Hicks (@AbstractAlex), Co-Founder, RedManta LLC


In the future, I may plan on applying for an offer like this, but the cost of living in California is astronomical. Do you see other cities in the US becoming hubs for Roblox Development?


What games is your studio responsible for having made so far?


No. Physical proximity to the Roblox HQ is invaluable. $5,000 per month is more than sufficient to live comfortably in California. Even living alone isn’t hard with that level of income.

We have 8 people on-site full time and an additional 20 remote contractors actively working on Robloxian Highschool, Pirate’s Life (unreleased), and a third unannounced game. In the past we made Store Wars and Super Knife Frenzy, and the team members have individually worked on loads of hit games like Apocalypse Rising, Swordburst 2, Tiny Tanks, Bird Simulator, Rollernauts, Sunset City, Wild Revolvers, Risky Strats, Egg Hunt 2018, and plenty more. Several of our team members have been roblox employees and interns as well.


Looking for localizing more games for you guys! <3


My parents are forcing college on me, but I’ll send an application just for fun and hopefully get feedback on it.


Honestly, I’d argue this opportunity is so much better than college. It’s job experience, and that’s irreplaceable. Especially for people looking into game design as a career, it’s massive to get work experience over college. When I attended RIT for Video Game Design, my first coding class teacher was one of the Microsoft Xbox Exclusive directors. He was at the head of various Microsoft Exclusive titles. He told us that Blizzard, Microsoft, Sony, etc typically do take people from RIT to join their staff, but one of his jobs was to re-teach these newly college graduates to do it their specific way. So you spend 4 years in college, just for a company to tell you to forget everything in college, and then they re-teach you for about 2 weeks.


These days, experience is so valuable. Not going to advocate anyone to do anything dramatic but I remind myself that College will be around forever, where as an opportunity like this may not.

Super exciting seeing you guys do this, best of luck to everyone who applies! As someone who has lived in San Mateo the last year I can advocate it will be the best decision of your life.


Are you guys only seeking people to be physically present at the San Mateo studio currently?


I could still apply, but I wouldn’t opt out of college unless I was guaranteed. Sure there may be better opportunities than college, but at least you can have a small backup plan if non-college opportunities prove fruitless.

We do live in a corrupt time where college is over-priced, but you either deal with it or not. I’m all for dropping out of college or not going. But I don’t recommend that unless you’re financially secure. This is how I work at least.


Correct, we’re looking for full-time on-site applicants at the moment.


Who worked on WR in your team?


They are unfortunately, they had a few remote positions that were filled a couple of months ago.


Do you plan on branching out with other engines, or do you plan on using Exclusively Roblox?


No solid plans at the moment but we’ve been exploring using Unreal for a simple mobile game to test the waters.


Why do I have to live in the UK



Guess we’ll have to create a dev studio in the UK!


If these jobs are still open in the summer of 2021, I will for sure be applying!


All about Norn Iren and Belfast


Nah Cornwall is where it’s at.