[USD $5,000/month] - Come work in a professional game dev environment in Silicon Valley


Nah Craigavon, round about city. Its Northern Irelands 4th heritage site with 20 roundabouts.


Rule of thumb… Don’t count on a job offer being open for 3 years :confused:



I’m not counting on it, I’m just saying if it’s still open then, I’d be applying ASAP.


What positions are you looking for the most at the moment?


In the thread that was put up in September, someone asked this and the response was:

So it seems they’re just trying to build their ranks across the board to create a super team, probably to the point where they have full out departments like Building Dept, Programming Dept, and so on.


Imagine the whole team working on a GIANT game like for XBOX or PS4, Woahhhh


I’d say the bigger thing to think about is the fact that with a large development team, if you have 4 programmers, and each have very specific backgrounds (one for example has heavy ties with modules, another with datastoring complex tables, another for front end, and another for back-end) you can crank out full major titles in about a month or two, versus many of the smaller teams of Devs seem to take anywhere from 3-6 months to get a fully fleshed out game to the point of being a “full-game.”

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