[$ USD / %] BloodRush is hiring a Programmer (CLOSED)

BloodRush is hiring a full-time programmer.

Payment: $??? USD and %

USD is Negotiable

About BloodRush:
BloodRush is an upcoming game wanting to deliver players what they want. BloodRush is a fast pace game in which you attempt to fight others to exceed victory. Killing one another gains you health and perks, perks vary depending on how skilled you are in the match. To prevent camping, you will automatically lose health every second.

About syners:

Syners is looking to become a creation that expands ROBLOX’s platform and community. Our studio is still being worked on, and we are hoping to see it expand and grow through ROBLOX. We are looking for candidates who are skilled, and prepared for a journey.

We Want You To Be

  • Diversity, new ideas are always brilliant we take all of them in!
  • Communicate with others, and update when required to.
  • Care deeply about this project and hope for it to be the best you can do.


  • Program task required.
  • Work flexible shift patterns, allowing you to still have free time.
  • Respond to bugs that occur throughout release of the game.
  • Give feedback on ways to improve the game.

"Should Have" Traits

  • 1+ years work experience in programming.
  • Enough knowledge to be able to solve repetitive bugs.
  • Professionalism and empathy, when dealing with a group member.
  • Wonderful written and communication skills.
  • Strong grasp of English language

"Nice To Have" Traits

  • Experience in pvp games.
  • Understanding of Discord.
  • Experience working with bugs and solutions.

How To Apply

You must be 18 or older to apply. To apply for this job, please contact Alex.#1408 on discord. Once accepted please provide all portfolio’s and why you believe you should be hired over others.


What are the exact payments you’re offering?

I’d say $100 usd+ , of course we can negotiate what we think is best. You could call that a “starter” price but it really depends on the amount of effort and how motivated you are to do it.

Would the programmer be programming the entire game?

Yes, unless you have someone you’d like to work with you.

High vouch for @soundleak He is a great develop to work with.

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Hello, I am interested about your post. I would like to be a scripter/programmer. If you want more information about me. You can contact me on discord

╲⎝⧹VxloCity Gaming⧸⎠╱#7279.

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