[USD] Looking for Texture Designer

Hey all! Scott Tux here!

I’ve got a proposition for all of you lovely texture artists out there! Way back in 2018, I worked on a project by the name of Blockplex, designing accessories, maps, along with being the community manager. There, I created a large variety of custom mesh hats. However, they were scrapped ultimately when the project was restarted for a third time in 2019. So, I’ve got some old assets lying around. Nothing too crazy, just some unique meshes I redid of older Roblox hats.

I’d like to have these remapped and retextured for possible use when the accessory UGC gets expanded once again. While I could, theoretically, texture them myself, I don’t have the time to, seeing how I’m plagued with school and work.

I have 10 assets that need redone and am willing to negotiate a fair price for each asset. If you’reinterested, please message me here, on the devforum, and we can discuss future plans. Thank you! If you are also able to redo the mesh itself to make it work better, I am willing to offer extra.


Please do not use these assets without permission!

Meshes/viking - Roblox
revampedcs - Roblox
Meshes/ombre2 - Roblox
Meshes/futuristiccoolkid - Roblox
Meshes/shu (4) - Roblox
Meshes/winged bow tie - Roblox
Meshes/zigstophat (2) - Roblox
Meshes/kinq - Roblox
Meshes/medievelbuilder - Roblox Meshes/collin - Roblox

Basically, these assets are redesigns of Roblox accessories with a unique spin on them. The designs themself stand as concept art


Is there an exact price for all the assets be done?

I’m happy to negotiate a reasonable rate, but I’m going off estimates for past work so I have an understanding of what is fair. If you’re interested, contact me privately, please

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