[USD] SpaceBlox Inc is hiring team members!


SpaceBlox Inc is a team of passionate, and talented individuals from all corners of the world. Our mission is to build a diverse and welcoming team so that together, we can release only the most quality content. With that, we are also mindful of life outside of ROBLOX, and work hours are created with that in consideration. As our motto states, we strive to be the best, and nothing less.

Creators of Factory Simulator

@ ILoveGloves21 - Head Developer
@ Tevi_n - Manager

SpaceBlox Inc, containing the most talented visionaries and creative minds, is searching for team members to help contribute towards an upcoming sci-fi themed game by creating content to match the genre. The game will take place in space, where players are able to travel between the planets, mine, harvest, and more. The opportunities are endless! Will you take on a prestigious role in our ranks?

Pet Modeler: The pet modeler will be responsible for creating robotic and alien companions for the player. These need to fit in with the mid-poly sci-fi theme, they shouldn’t be too cartoony. Think like R2-D2 or C3P0 following you. Payment will average around $5-10 dollars per pet, depending on complexity.

Sci Fi Building Modeler: You will be responsible for creating futuristic houses, stores, outposts, and some other miscellaneous models. Modeled buildings will be empty, since we have another modeler making furniture and decorations. Payment should average $15-20 dollars per model, depending on complexity.

Furniture/Decoration Modeler: The furniture/decoration modeler will be responsible for making tables, chairs, couches, light fixtures, etc. in a sci-fi theme. These items will be used by players to decorate homes. Payment should average around $3-5 dollars per item.


Payment will be done through PayPal or Venmo, on a per-asset basis. If you absolutely need to be paid in ROBUX, we can do t-shirts, however, you will have to cover the 30% tax.

Payments for these positions are negotiable. With that, you will be paid once your task is completed.


Interested in applying? Please do feel free to reach out to me on one of the following:

EMAIL: spacebloxinc@gmail.com

You may also reach out to me here on the DevForums, via private messages.

Please also include a link to your portfolio, or images of previous projects you’ve worked on.

You must be 16 years or older to apply.

Thank you for reading!


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