[USD/ROBUX] Hiring | City Builder

:green_book: Job Information

You will be tasked with developing the environment and buildings for an upcoming British Suburban City Game.

  • Create realistic buildings.

  • Create realistic road systems.

  • Create realistic common areas.

Build Style weโ€™re looking for.

:blue_book: Job Requirements

The following will be required for you to qualify to fill this vacancy.

  • Portfolio consisting of past work and projects.

  • Full understanding and expertise of building tools within Roblox studio.

  • Considerable talent.

  • Discord account.

:orange_book: Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for our studio would meet the following requirements, that are not already included in job requirements.

  • Cooperative worker looking to promote a healthy work environment.

  • Active and productive worker.

  • Past work portfolio demonstrating good work.

:heavy_dollar_sign: Payment

Payment will consist of the total amount of $100-300 USD (Roblox Translation Available) being delivered once the commission is complete or by other methods post negotiation. Once an application has been accepted a work contract and agreement will be provided to further dive into payment details and conditions.

:heavy_check_mark: Application

Contact Rummy#0001 to apply for this position. Best of luck!


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