Use of Tween Service?

Hello Developers,

I’ve just learned a day or two about tween service, and I have yet not figured the use cases of when to use it. Can you give me examples of when I’d use it? Any reply is appreciated! :smiley:


You can use TweenService for many things, like, Having a door open animation, Explosion effects with parts, etc.

Doors, models, moving parts, fading bricks, etc.

It’s best used on the client for effects where the server doesn’t need to see them.

Very good for animating parts, guis, and etc. def best service out there imo

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OOOoooh, I mostly used tweenservice in server scripts

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ya can animate things and there’s “modes” of doing it, if you tween a gui you can see that you can make the gui does a bounce just like cartoon things and that’s why it is better than for loops

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But, when I want to tween a gui… I use either :TweenPosition(), :TweenSize(), :TweenSizeAndPosition()

I use tweening to make floating coins that both bounce and rotate. You can Tween a NumberValue.Value between 0 … 1 and then have an NumberValue.Changed event handler called which handles multiple things. In my case, I use that to modify the CFrame of a coin in terms of delta position and for rotation (e.g. * CFrame.Angles()).

Well TweenService exist to tween properties so it’s not limited to models and parts, you can tween GUI objects too. You can tween any instance property that is supported by tweenservice.

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it doesnt matter you can set the Enum.EasingStyle.Bounce for the :TweenPosition() or :TweenSize