Used a model with virus by accident, need advice

So I have a game called Frenzy Sprint and put a bunch of tree models in the game for decoration. I looked through most of the scripts and they were fine, but when I double-checked later I apparently missed one. It had a bunch of jumbled up letters and numbers and stuff, classical virus, and I deleted it right after. I didn’t publish the game but had saved it. I deleted the models right after I found out they were infected, but since the game was already saved I wasn’t sure if the malicious creators could still have access. If so, what could I do to save my place from being ruined? Would publishing to a different place work? That would make me lose a ton of robux but would at least keep the game un-corrupted, so to speak. Or could I revert the version back to one before the model was created? All advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Check your plugins, that is the first one. Send a picture of them.

I know it’s not the plugins because I haven’t ever installed a single plugin. I know it was a tree model but I’m not sure if the virus can still remain even after deletion of the model; that’s my main question.

write “Script” in the explorer and send a picture.

All of the scripts not included in this pic are for KillParts in my obby sections or are LocalScripts for Guis. I recognize every single one of the scripts.

Can you send me the place?
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If you mean the link, here (although I never published when the tree model was in the game)
Frenzy Sprint

If you want the Roblox Studio place, not so sure about how to do that.

Just click this:

Then upload it here.

You want me to upload the Studio place or the screenshot? Neither worked on the application.

Try Ctrl + Shift + F and search for getfenv and require

I did, nothing popped up for getfenv, and the only scripts that used require() were the HD Admin commands I had installed. Nothing malicious. Does that mean that it didn’t replicate?

getfenv and require are words usually used in virus backdoors, but there may be some viruses in your game that may cause lag

since you don’t have plugins, i dont think anything malicious would replicate

you can always manually check every single script by searching for “script” in the explorer to make sure nothing malicious that you may not recognize is in your game

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Ok thanks. I also found an anti virus plugin on this Dev Forum (don’t worry I researched and checked and it’s not a disguised plugin) so I’m doing a scan right now to be sure nothing is infected. Thanks for your help!

What I would do is look at scripts by searching “Script” in the explorer. Look at all the scripts and you will eventually find it. Viruses are also located in RotateP’s I would look there also.

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