User input Service not detecting

secondly you’re sending the hinge of the door so it can’t be the start tween as the parameter
So II need to remove the hinge parameter or change it ??

No, you’ll need it unless I’m wrong, not sure 100% you’re doing. This is how your code should receive the event:

game.ReplicatedStorage.RemoteEvent.OpenDoorEvent.OpenDoorBar.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, hinge)

I’m on mobile so I can’t format this.

Awesome thanks bro! So if it’s not a gui then it would result in false when the InputBegan is fired?

Lets say that when you’re just doing the input without any other process going on, then the paremeter will be met as false and so on, this help us in the detection of when the player is doing something else and we do not want to register that input, also, guard clauses helps to this since it doesn’t need further computations on our programs returning a nil result to the function, resulting in nothing than just ending right there our code.

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Oh ok I think I get it. It is meant to detect if a player is doing another task while the input began. To make sure you don’t read an input on the wrong time?

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Hey sorry late reply but I got it working…
but when I spam E the door was rotating and didn’t go back to its original orientation. As @Lil_SharkyBoy mentioned I did

if gameProcessEvent then return end

but the code wont stop. I also put debounce but its still not running