User Interface | 60,000R$ group payout

Clarification: Scripting is not necessary, just creating, designing and uploading/assembling the UI for use in Roblox Studio.

I’m looking for a User Interface designer/creator who is able to produce game UI for myself and @MetaProx’s upcoming title, Bloxverse. This game started development in early 2018 and has been my full-time focus since. I’m extremely excited at the thought of having this game available for the Roblox community once it’s released and I can’t wait to have some awesome UI to go with it.

I need this UI ideally finished by mid-June ready for our games initial release although we do have some limited flexibility. The User interface needs to be compatible for all devices including Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Console. Also, the user must be able to assemble the UI in Roblox Studio accurately with proper scaling to allow for all screen sizes. It’s incredibly important that the artist we take on is able to create custom User Interface pieces and isn’t using templated pieces, all must be original and created by the artist using a platform, for example, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. I’m ideally looking for an artist who’s able to work with me long term on Bloxverse working on commission work in the future, with the commission I’ll request samples of the User Interface created for my business partner, MetaProx to re-use on our future UI and any further necessary UI can be created upon request. Any additionally commissions for UI outside of the intended work I’ve requested would have a separately agreed amount of payment and I would not expect the user to additionally create UI for free after the initial commission is complete.

All tasks I’m looking for are provided in a detailed ‘HacknPlan’ board (which is similar to Trello) and simply requires an account registration and then for me to add you to the board. I’ll also keep in contact with you over Discord daily about any questions, concerns or progress being made.

Our target market is children aged 8-12, we want to keep our UI simple but still aesthetically appealing and for a visual representation of the style we’d be looking for, I’ve provided an image below (not our UI, ones I saw across a range of Roblox games) however, we want our own unique features and style to the whole thing, these are just reference images.


I’ll pay 60,000R$ as a one-time payout as a group payout once the UI is completed and fully put together in Roblox Studio

Here are some of the tasks:

  • Avatar editor
  • Daily rewards
  • Teleporting (maps menu)
  • Mini-games UI (2 different games, pretty simple UI like countdown timer or leaderboard)
  • Housing editor (move, rotate, select and sell items, etc)
  • Housing initial prompt (entering house, etc)
  • Housing permissions (kick, ban, invite a player, etc.)
  • Pet system stuff
  • Achievements UI
  • Mailing UI (postcard system, similar to Club Penguin)
  • Settings UI

Note: Some of the UI created may be re-used on different pages.

Extra Information:
Discord - HeadlessHorror#0001
Twitter -

If you’re interested in working with me please provide a portfolio of previous work and a reason why you would like to work with me as I’m looking for someone with a passion for game development additionally to their user interface skills. If you have any further questions feel free to ask them either below or directly to me over Discord, Developer Forum, etc.


If you need UI, you should ask @SoftwareEngine, he’s a good designer and is usually quite active. He should be able to do you something like that, however I’m not sure if he’s taking a break to do other things.

If he could provide me with a portfolio of all of his work especially work similar to provided above that would be great, we’re looking for experienced and talented artists that may be interested, this would be an initial purchase and we may contact the user again in the future if any additional designs is necessary.

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Sounds good, I’m not his manager or anything, but I’m sure he could provide something.
His tag is Engine#1636, he might be interested, he might not.

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I personally don’t recommend giving people’s information away freely without consent.

Just simply ask him and tell him about the job offer and if he decides to take it, he’ll message @HeadlessHorror himself.


I’m friends with Software anyway, and it’s up to him whether or not he wants to accept requests he may be sent. He can even change up the name in this tag, so I don’t see it as a big deal. It’s not as if I’m giving away his address.

I feel like that now I’m making this thread into a different conversation than it’s meant to be, so to be respectful, I’m just going to leave it at that.

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Yes, I am able to do this commission if you are willing to. Especially as I did enjoy Club Penguin myself. The issue here is that there is I do not own any applications for graphic design, as my designs are solely based upon Roblox Studio’s capabilities, is this a requirement, as it is not stated. @HeadlessHorror

Also, Barry is free to give out my information as long as it’s for a good cause. He is a very close friend of mine.

EDIT : I see an issue here with UI Scaling, as I’m pretty sure that requires a scripter. I’m halfway between this because I think that exiles me from this commission.

For the design you will need an external program and Metaprox codes so anything necessary for scaling in that terms can be arranged and discussed during the commission. In terms of scaling I’m mainly asking about 9-slicing and using the proper scaling methods provided by Roblox so the UI doesn’t stretch or blur if you’ve got a larger or smaller screen size.

Yeah that puts me out of the question, thanks for the clarification as I use 9-Slicing mainly for the device I use to design.

Thanks for giving this opportunity out to those who aren’t approached :smiley:

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I’m interested in lending a hand! Mind messaging me on Discord? Elttob#4603

If you don’t already know, I’ve done plenty of work on the Roblox platform and worked with the UI system for a very long time. I have been on the platform for over a decade, most of the time working with Lua. I recently picked up my UI design around 4 years ago and have been working on it since. I’d love to be part of a bigger project!

Snips from my past work




I’m interested in this position, but I will not script. (Discord Pixel#0005).

Are you offering USD as payment?

@Profess_ional Would be amazing for this job, he can do lots of different styles of UI and I’ve used some of his UI work that he’s released for free in the past. If you want to see some of his stuff there’s alot of free stuff here: Open-Source Product Releases

You can contact him on Discord at Profess_ional#1982

I’m afraid not, I’ve got the Roblox group funds which are devexable but I don’t have the money to pay via USD.

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oops posted the wrong link b4

UPDATE: We’ve had a lot of interest from a large amount of users, if you’re still interested get in touch else we’ll decide from the users who have already submitted their portfolios to us.

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I’ve recently reopened this as the previous user I reached out to who was interested informed me after a few months that they weren’t able to do the commission, I’m looking for an individual who has the ability to both create and design the User Interface, must be able to use platforms for example Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator to create custom pieces of User Interface for the game.

Sent u dm on disc, i am Hiro#4250