User Interface Creation - Feedback?

Hey! Back with another thing I made this morning via User Interface. I am really getting into this, my second creation on Adobe Photoshop! I am currently a programmer that develops for people, and I made this Shop UI for them. Its a medieval genre. I would love your positives and negatives on this creation of mine. Thank you!


You could improve this a lot, you can change the background and the drop shadows and also the round BUY buttons and the round images of the gamepasses/dev products

Why did you choose the background color, style and material to be like this with these other UIs? Just a simple white color rounded frame would fit in perfectly, but that background doesn’t fit with the rest of your UIs at all, I recommend you to make some heavy adjustments to it.

As for the drop shadows they look weird especially with this background, I don’t know if you can improve the drop shadows so I recommend you to just remove them because I don’t think that you can improve them.

Now for the BUY buttons and the images of the gamepasses/dev products they look weird just like the drop shadows just don’t make them round.

The pictures you used for each item are great but the background im not so sure about, you could use something much more designed and and with more thought. Overall the shop is great and i kinda like it myself :slight_smile:

Yeah, check out my portfolio I improved my UI a lot from this.

You too @BlazegalaxyYt