"Users" Page is Broken/Non-existent

The users page does not appear when opening the menu via the hamburger symbol in the upper right hand corner.


Navigating to the page yields no results.

I am on google chrome.
It is 4/13/2021.

Let this not be intentional.


It’s intentional.


This is intentional, this page doesn’t scale with the number of posts and users we have. Every time Discourse recalculates this it joins several tables with millions of rows together and puts large strain on our database (something along the lines of 5-10x regular database load for extended period of time), without providing the ability for us to throttle these apart from turning the feature off entirely. This was impacting other forum functionality while the operation was being performed. (you may have seen the “this forum is under heavy load” message earlier this week for some hours)

We decided to turn off the feature for that reason, also considering this is not really a core feature of the forum. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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