Users unable to join games [FIXED]


Joining any game presents a ‘You have been kicked by server. Please close and rejoin another game’ error.
This only occurs in new servers. Existing servers can be joined normally. Seemed to have happened just now after my client updated.



Getting this too consistently in every game.


Can confirm, a couple of friends and I are getting kicked from every game after Roblox updated.


I can also confirm, was about to post about this, any game me or my brother joins gets us kicked.

I was playing all fine with my brother until my client updated about 5 - 10 minutes ago. I believe this is an issue on ROBLOX’s end, hopefully someone sees this soon.


Same here


Experiencing this too. Player count dropping quick.


No repo so far, played 3 games.

May be regional.


Did you hit the play button and join an existing server?


My community reported this to me as a i noticed plays going down.

The same users are now reporting their client got an update and is working normally now.


It seems to have been fixed, since i can now get in to games again?


Yes, played new and existing games as a test


Indeed, you’re right it’s back. Thank you for the quick fix whoever is responsible.


We’re unable to repro this issue from our end. If it occurs again please let us know.

cc @RoughSphereBlox


It got fixed within 10 minutes of me making this post. As said above player’s have stopped experiencing it now.

Thank you for the quick response!