Users Without Profile Picture Posing Defaults to an Incorrect Pose

There is a sitewide issue where all users’ avatars default to a weird pose when they update their avatar without a custom profile picture. This only happens if you update the avatar and do not select an outfit. This is infuriating as I prefer to not have a custom profile picture.
My friend MrChair1241 for reference:
Screenshot 2023-07-14 021011

Expected behaviour

Users’ profile pictures properly use the default pose.
Me as a reference:

Page URL:


Can confirm this is happening to all new thumbnail renders (AvatarHeadshots), whilst old ones rendered before the bug occurred are still displaying as normal.

This is also happening to AvatarBusts, regardless of having a thumbnail pose set.


Mine was only fixed by setting a profile picture using the app (PC and mobile). All I did was change it to be as close to the old style as possible.

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Can confirm this is happening, seen this on some avatars, so thanks for reporting this!

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Thanks for the report! Just to confirm, we have a ticket filed in our internal database for this issue.

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