Using a tool to clone a Model onto the clicked position in Workspace

Inspired by the Airstrike gear,
I want to use a tool to clone a Model from ex. Lighting onto the position that got clicked (in workspace of course).

Well, I cant figure out how to do it.
I tried searching the forum, youtube tutorials, nothing.
All that came up was using a script to clone a part into workspace, without a tool, onto a set position.

Even tried to rewrite the original Airstrike radio scripts.

Any solutions?

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I’ve not tested this but you should use a remote event to send the mouse position and wanted model to the server and clone the model on the server. I would set a part in the model to be the PrimaryPart, then use SetPrimaryPartCFrame to move the model.

--//Local Script\\--
local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage')
local RemoteEvent = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild('RemoteEvent ')

local player = game:GetService('Players').LocalPlayer
local Mouse = player:GetMouse()

	local MousePos = Mouse.Hit.Position

--//Server Script\\--
local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage')
local RemoteEvent = ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild('RemoteEvent ')

RemoteEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, MousePos, Model)
	local ModelClone = Models:FindFirstChild(Model):Clone()

Hey, thank you for your help
I tried your method, it works, but it doesnt work at the same time.

Originally, I made the model first, animated it using the Roblox animator and playing around with the model.

For the tool, I followed the steps and made everything unanchored, so it’d appear where I clicked.

Now, the issue is that the Model spawns at the original location, but in the ground.
(In the attached SS is the original, workspace version)

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If the model is spawning in the ground you could either change the PrimaryPart position or mess around with the MousePos.Y. Ex.

	local PosX = MousePos.X
	local PosY = MousePos.Y --//You could add a number like 5 and it would spawn higher or -5 and it would spawn lower.
	local PosZ = MousePos.Z
	ModelClone:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(, PosY, PosZ))
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Not really the main issue, I meant that the model does not move from its original position it was in workspace, basically stays where it was.

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Ok, do you have a PrimaryPart set and is there a weld that is preventing it from moving?


Yes, the PrimaryPart is set and the only welds in the model are between parts that make up the plane, the full structure and the glass, and a Motor6D in the HumanoidRootPart connecting to the structure itself.
Tried to remove that, without any luck.

If you’re okay with it, I can create an empty baseplate with nothing but the plane, adding you to TeamCreate.


Sure I’m ok with that.


Sent you a friend request, cant add you to studio unless we’re friended.

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For anyone wondering the fix was to Parent the clone to the workspace. (dumb mistake on my part).