Using Billboard to tag rolling spheres


I am making a game where I use a tag (BillBoard Gui and a text label) to indicate which rolling ball are deadly and which one are safe.

It works well except that when the ball rolls the tag jiggles up and down.

Is there another way to tag a rolling ball (just a part), except coloring, or a way to correct the jiggling?

here is a sample vidéo.robloxapp-20210509-0056031.wmv (1.6 MB)



Found a solution,

I simply created a model with two spheres a extra tiny inside which the billboard need to be adorne to and a second one as the shell.

The billboard was jumping because the way Roblox 3d processing works. A sphere is still considered as a cube in the space by the billboard hence the jumping when the “cube” rolls. The tiniest the roling “cube” makes the tiniest jump almost unnoticable

Here is the video of the correction : robloxapp-20210509-0151427.wmv (349.1 KB)

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