Using Datastore in my plugin?

Hello! I am trying to make a plugin for creators in my game to easily add content. I want people to use it in whatever game they are in, that way I don’t need to share games with certain people that could possibly steal things.

I want players to add their content, and then send it to the plugin’s datastore, then later a voter can take that information and validate it, which seems simple enough.

However, if datastores are based on a game’s identity, won’t the datastore change every time you add the a datastore script to serverscriptservice to save stuff for the plugin?

Is there an alternative method, or possibly a way around this?

Correct, each game has their own datastores. You would probably have to send/receive the serialized creation to a remote server of your own, similar to how Building Tools does it.

Cool, and its not possible to have a host game to do that? Or possibly a package inside of roblox?

You would have to allow the plugin to do that, assuming you’re talking about remote servers. The plugin cannot communicate with the main game unless the user has the game open in Studio, which would require giving them edit access. Packages are rather finnicky, even more so for your use case so I wouldn’t even bother.