Using external servers for heavy cpu tasks

When it comes to Roblox servers, they’re not exactly very powerful, so making certain types of games, is hard to do without causing significant lag. An example would be Rise Of Nations As the game progresses the server gets laggier, as more units are created and the server has to do more calculations.

So, is it possible to export some of the more extreme tasks to an external server that I’m paying for and renting myself? And if so what would be the logistics of that.

Also, has the concept of paying for more powerful servers for your game, or renting your own servers ever been a serious idea in Roblox? Are they currently working on something that would make it easier to do this, or has the idea of Roblox doing this been considered and decided it wouldn’t work?

Finally; I am aware that a lot of games just do calculations on the client and send them to the server via remotes, but the more you do on the client, the easier it is to exploit the game, so I’m very against doing anything significant on the client as I’m very conscious about exploiters.

Hm is it an optimisation problem of the game?

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I’m not making a game at the moment, just wondering if something like that would be possible.

For example if you have lot’s of troops you can just use one troop (if they are moving in one direction) and add a number of those troops. Also you can make the level of detail lower.

You could make a web API I guess with the data you want to compute and it will return but this seems kind of slow and there are limits.

I believe this can be improved by optimization. If the game uses Humanoids in large numbers, it should get rid of them and use AnimationControllers for animating, and simple math for moving characters around.

The server also should not have the character’s model in the server’s workspace. A lot of people make the mistake of having the server handle visuals, the server should just be handling the logic. Strip all the stuff the server handles into Values in ReplicatedStorage, and have the clients spawn the characters, animate the characters and smoothly move them from one point to the next as the server says they should.