Using icons in a GFX? Copyright?

(I think this is the right category, correct me if I’m wrong)

So I hired a GFX artist for a logo commission. The thing is, it has come to my attention that the vectors or icons they are using in the logo are not their own work, something they found online. They say it’s free to use, but for some reason, this doesn’t seem “legal”. Is there some sort of obvious copyright law that prevents them from doing this?

Any feedback is nice, thanks all.


If they are free to use, then you dont need to worry!

However, if you suspect the icons are not free to use, you have a right to report the designer to the BBB (if you are in USA) or report them to Roblox. They essentially made money off of something they did not make, which is actually a very serious crime.

Again, they might be telling the truth. If you find the vectors online and they are labeled as anything other than Labeled for Reuse or Labeled for Commercial Use, and you are sure they did not pay for the vectors, then you can report them.

You will not get in trouble at all. You did not know :slight_smile: