Using meshes for tycoon drops

This isn’t exactly scripting support but, would it be too laggy to use meshes for tycoon drops? I could use traditional Roblox parts but it wouldn’t look as good.

(I’m thinking of using a diamond mesh for a tycoon drop)

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You would be fine to use meshes for the drops. It would get laggy if you have a bunch of drops going at the same time, but so would normal roblox parts.

Having basic Roblox shapes is also very bland and makes tycoons boring to play and look at.

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Complex collision boxes could be bad for performance if you have thousands of complex geometry shapes, but I would imagine a diamond is fine.

Using a “Box” collision fidelity would be best.

Also you can make a diamond by combining 4 corner wedges, but I think a mesh or union with box collision fidelity would be just as good, if not better.


Thank you guys for the answers!

Wait, is default fidelity worse quality or better quality than box fidelity?
(also progress pic:

Fidelity just determines the collision box. Box collision fidelity is simple, and easy for the physics engine to calculate.