Using parts vs meshes - what's the best way to minimize lag?

I have an area of ground that I’ll be copying ~400 times throughout my game. Each ‘model’ has 64 parts/meshes (colored with Roblox colors), which I can instead combine into one mesh with a 512x512 texture. Does anyone know any specifics in performance differences between the two? We’re running into a slight lag/memory issue with our game and need everything to be as optimized as possible. What’s really being compared here is the physics/other impact of 63 additional parts+meshes vs. a 256x256 texture


  1. 64 different Parts, each with a SpecialMesh inside, colored by the part’s BrickColor
  2. 1 Part with a SpecialMesh inside that has a 512x512 texture

*each Part is Anchored/collisions off*

And more generally, what is the ratio at which it becomes better/worse to use one or the other?

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I know that meshes are better for performance compared to unions. If you have unions you can export it as a mesh then imported again.

This question more relates to using a single texture on a mesh vs 63 additional parts that have a mesh with no texture (but a Roblox material on each)

I do not know but probably 1 mesh with a texture would be better the 63 parts if they are the same size

For performance, use one part with a texture rather than a multitude of parts. The texture is as fast as a roblox material save for the download time to initially get the texture.

Reference… Improving Game Performance (