Using remote events with tools

Hey Roblox devs. I have on simple question about using remote events with tools. Lets say you have a system in your game that allows you to equip something, maybe a pencil. You would have to use a remote event to clone that pencil tool into the players inventory, correct?

Also, would you have to set the parent of the pencil clone from the local script (the script you use to fire the server) or would you have to set the parent of the clone from the server script (the script that recieves the remote event)?

If this doesn’t make sense, just let me know I’ll try to explain it better. This has been bugging me for a while.

If tool is already parented to player backpack you will not use remote events. But tool is somewhere else then you will use server script

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Humanoid:EquipTool() and Humanoid:UnequipTools() will both replicate to the server (due to network ownership).

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you can have the main tool somewhere in replicated storage, then from the server script just clone said tool and move the clone to the backpack.